Are musical toys good for babies?

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One word: yes, yes, yes! Musical toys are great for babies. Whether they chime, rattle or go BOING, musical toys engage your little one’s sense of hearing, supporting their development and helping them have fun with sound.

Read on to learn more about the benefits of introducing musical toys to babies and our favourite sound toys for children.

What are sensory toys?


Sensory toys engage a child’s sense of sight, hearing, touch, smell or taste, introducing them to new experiences and stimulating brain development. Children’s toys are known for being more than a little noisy for this exact reason.

Musical toys are a popular type of sensory toy which offer auditory stimulation. This does lots of good for children’s hearing, development and physical skills.

The benefits of playing with musical toys


Music and sound have a massive impact on the developing brain, and musical toys can be a great way to introduce babies to the world of music and help them develop essential skills.

Hearing development

From the moment they’re born, babies are aware of the sounds around them. They recognise the voices of their parents, family and caregivers and respond to different types of music and sounds in different ways. Lullabies can help soothe and relax babies, while upbeat, fast-paced music can make them more alert and active. Some babies even enjoy a boogie when they hear their favourite artist.

Life skills development

As babies grow and develop, musical toys can help them learn important skills. Simple and brightly-coloured instruments like maracas or drum sets can help babies develop their sense of rhythm and timing. And holding drumsticks can help them coordinate their movements and develop their motor skills.

Toys like xylophones which play with different notes or have different textures, can help babies develop their sense of touch and explore different sounds and sensations.

Cognitive development

Musical toys also boost cognitive development. Playing with musical toys can help improve a baby’s memory and problem-solving skills. As they learn which items make different sounds, they associate these sounds with those items, shaping their experience with the world around them.

Emotional development

Musical toys can also help babies express themselves and communicate their emotions in new ways. While babies can’t tell you they’re excited, they can shake a maraca to express their happiness.

Choosing the right musical toys for your baby


It’s worth mentioning that it’s always important to choose age-appropriate toys for your baby. Make sure any musical toys you choose for your child are non-toxic, don’t include any small parts, and don’t reach a volume that could hurt their sensitive ears.

The best musical toys for babies


Musical toys include classic wooden instruments and electronic sound boxes, but there are also many fun ways to make inexpensive toys using items at home! Let’s look at some of our favourite musical toys for babies.


Musical instruments are fantastic for helping little ones develop their hand-eye coordination and understand how sounds are made.

Wooden xylophones and drum sets are fantastic for growing tots because all they need to do is hit the surface with a stick. Once they get the hang of the motion, they can even begin creating their own melodies and beats.

Electronic toys

Electronic noise-makers are beloved by parents because they boost auditory engagement. Tonies are especially popular with tiny music makers because they can tell interactive stories, recite audiobooks, and play their favourite songs.

Noise-makers can also include music boxes, which play charming lullabies, and pink noise machines, which are designed to relax babies and aid their sleep.

Homemade toys

If you’re looking for an inexpensive musical toy or a fun activity to engage your child in, why not try making sensory toys at home?

All you need to make a rattle they can shake about is an old water bottle and beans or rice — just make sure to close the lid securely. Also, paintbrushes make excellent drumsticks!


Last but not least, we have sing-alongs. Singing to your baby aids their sensory development and helps strengthen your bond. There are no limits to the songs you can enjoy together, and because all you need is your best singing voice, you can take this ‘toy’ anywhere with you. Now, that’s music to our ears.

Make playtime musical

Musical toys are a great way to introduce babies to the world of music and help them develop important skills. They’re fun and can boost cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Check out our range of sensory toys to find the perfect personalised musical toy to elevate your child’s playtime.