Personalised Baby Sleepsuits & Pyjamas

Keep your little one comfy, cute and a little bit stylish in our range of personalised baby sleepwear. From classic designs to something simple, or bright and colourful designs you’ll both love, we have you covered.

Sleepless nights and midnight cuddles are part of the package when it comes to babies. And our range of personalised baby pyjamas will help keep your little one cosy, warm and ready for sleep. When it comes to dressing your baby for warmer nights, or sleep training your newborn, we’ve been there. Make bedtime as fun, cosy and cuddly as it can be with our baby sleeptime range.

What should babies sleep in?

When it comes to newborns and babies, the choices can be overwhelming. The first step is to find a cot or bassinet that works for you. Make sure it follows the CPSC guidelines, keep it clear of soft toys and comforters, and keep the environment as temperate as you can. To keep your baby the right temperature, a one-piece sleeper or babygrow is best. There’s no need for socks or a hat at night, instead use a sleep sack or a swaddle.

How many layers should a baby wear at night?

It’s best for babies to wear just one layer at night. A babygrow or one-piece sleeper should help keep them the right temperature. For cooler nights you should also use a sleep sack, or a swaddle. 

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