Personalised Children’s Pyjamas & Nightwear

Our selection of personalised children’s pyjamas will keep your little ones warm, cosy and comfortable at night. From fun cartoons with their own name on them to more classic designs, we’ll help you find the perfect personalised kids’ pyjamas.

Personalised pyjamas make great birthday and Christmas presents for children, as well as being cute and practical. Pair them with our tips for helping babies and children sleep, and they’ll be cosy and off to sleep in no time. 

What should children sleep in?

Pyjamas are a great option for your children to sleep in. In the summer, a lighter fabric will stop them from getting too hot or too chilly. If your little one is prone to getting cold in the night, fleece pyjamas with socks will keep them warm and toasty in winter. Read our blog for more information on helping your children sleep


How many pairs of pyjamas does my child need?

Depending on the age of your child, they’ll need between four and seven pairs of pyjamas. This is so you always have a pair handy in case of spillages. 


How to help my child sleep better at night?

The best ways to help your child sleep better at night are:

  • Make sure they’re warm and comfortable, but not too warm
  • Dress them in something made from a soft material
  • Ensure there is minimal noise, and keep the lighting soft - if they need any at all

Read our blog for more tips on getting your kids to sleep

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