Personalised Baby Coats & Jackets

As the days get chillier and nights draw in, babies need extra layers to stay warm. For newborns, personalised baby pramsuits are ideal and make a wonderful gift. And personalised baby jackets and baby coats are suitable for little ones of all ages and work with all sorts of outfits.

When should a baby wear a pramsuit?

A pramsuit is a one-piece outerwear garment, typically worn by newborns and young babies. Pramsuits are warm and cosy, but not too heavy. They usually have a hood, booties and a zipper and/or poppers down the front to make it easy to get your baby in and out of. Some also have zippers or poppers on the legs to make nappy changes simple.

Many parents find pramsuits easier to deal with than separate hats and coats, and their all-in-one design means there’s less risk of cold air reaching your baby’s skin. For the coldest weather, a personalised baby snowsuit is a good option to keep your baby toasty.

How many coats does a newborn need?

This largely depends on the time of year your baby is born, where you live and your lifestyle. Children born in spring or summer might benefit more from a light pramsuit with a baby waterproof jacket. Those born in autumn or winter will often need something heavier, like a baby snowsuit or baby fleece pramsuit with an extra layer on top, which can make long walks in nature much more enjoyable.

Explore the range of baby outwear, including baby pramsuits, baby snowsuits, baby jackets and baby coats - and remember that any of them can be personalised free of charge, making for a cherished baby gift.

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