Personalised Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You’ve been invited to a baby shower - fun! And now you want to find the perfect present. Our range of personalised baby shower gifts will thrill parents-to-be and make it clear that you put a lot of thought into getting a baby shower gift that's just right for them.

What presents do you give at a baby shower?

While some baby shower invitations will suggest a theme- perhaps eco-friendly, bathtime or newborn basics - in most cases, guests are free to come up with their own baby shower gift ideas. The point of a baby shower is to help prepare the parents for life with a new baby by giving them something useful - but also special. Some people will also add in baby shower gifts for mum or dad, too. And don’t forget to put a greeting card in so they can remember who the gift is from.

What is the most useful baby shower gift?

The best baby shower gift will depend a lot on the family situation. For first children, parents can typically use almost anything, but no matter which child it is, it never hurts to ask them or the baby shower host if there is a list or if they have any baby shower gift ideas. Popular baby shower gifts include baby blankets, shoes, towels, soft toys and more. Discover our helpful guide to the perfect baby shower gifts for more advice.

Get ideas for baby shower gifts here - and remember that you can have them personalised for free with anything you like, such as the parents’ last names, ‘No 1 Baby’, ‘Much Loved’ or a cute nickname.

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