At My 1st Years we pride ourselves on creating memorable gifts for little ones and doing so in the most thoughtful way. And that thought goes way beyond the gift, we take a lot of care at every stage of the supply chain, which is why we are making an ongoing promise to ensure everyone involved in our business and the supply chain is treated fairly. That way you know you're buying a gift that really is as thoughtful as it can be! 

As a result of both recent changes to legislation in the UK, and our wish as a company to act in all ways fairly, honestly, ethically, and in the interests of all of our stakeholders (whether they be customers, suppliers, other members of the supply chain or employees of companies in our supply chain), we have updated our company policy relating to bribery and slavery. The main changes are summarised here:


BRIBERY. Any form of bribery is both against the law and against the principles My 1st Years follow. Bribery includes the payment of money, giving of gifts, or provision of anything more than normal hospitality, in particular - if the aim is to get preferential treatment as a supplier or as part of the supply chain. It also includes the acceptance of any bribes by the supplier. 

SLAVERY. Similarly, slavery is both against the law and against the principles My 1st Years follow. Slavery occurs where any person is held by another and is required to perform forced or compulsory labour. Just because that person appears to consent does not mean that slavery is not taking place if that consent is a result of duress or any vulnerability of the person concerned.  My 1st Years include within the ambit of slavery any people trafficking where the aim or the consequence is that any person works in conditions of slavery. 

If My 1st Years believe that any suppliers are involved in bribery either with any of our employees or any other members of the supply chain or are in any way involved in slavery, we have the right to and will immediately terminate any agreement we have with them and will report them to the relevant enforcement authority.