Personalised 1st Birthday Gifts

A child’s first birthday is perhaps the most memorable birthday you will have with them as a parent, family member or relative. The best way to mark the day is with personalised 1st birthday gifts for your one-year-old so that in the years to come, they can also join in with your memories.

Why is a first birthday important?

Birthdays are meant for celebrating - especially babies’ 1st birthdays! On this important day, parents and family commemorate the miracle of birth and the unique little person that has entered their lives bringing them so much joy. From 1st birthday ideas for girls and boys, such as personalised T-shirts, personalised little boots or beautifully crafted puzzle and stacking toys, explore My 1st Years to find the best baby 1st birthday present ideas to make this day even more special.

How do you celebrate baby’s first birthday?

While babies might not remember their 1st birthday, this day is about the parents, the family and the memories. There are many ways of making it extra special, such as planning a themed birthday party  in a lovely venue with fantastic decorations and a tasty cake. On the day, make sure your little one is looking his or her best in a cute 1st birthday outfit for boys or a 1st birthday girl’s outfit - and let the photographer immortalise this special moment.

What can you buy a baby for their first birthday?

A 1st birthday is a special milestone and what better way to commemorate this special day than finding the best, cutest or most exciting 1st birthday gifts? Whether you are after personalised knitted soft toys, cute personalised fleece dressing gowns, or fill-and-spill toys, we have a lovely collection of personalised 1st birthday presents which you will love.

If you’re looking for personalised baby 1st birthday gift ideas, browse our selection. And remember that they can all be personalised for free.

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