Personalised Baby & Kids’ Toys

Our delightful range of personalised baby and toddler toys and books make for perfect gifts for adventurous little children and will help light up their imagination as they learn to read, draw, play their first instrument and more. A child’s imagination is one of their greatest gifts, and we aim to provide products that are as unique and colourful as they are with our selection of sustainable wooden toys, soft toys including our best-selling soft bunny and elephant, personalised books and so much more.

From soft toys to sustainable wooden toys, we have you covered when it comes to choosing the best personalised baby toys.

Our personalised kids’ toys include xylophones, pull-along wooden baby toys, puzzle boxes and soft toys they’ll cherish forever. Keep your little ones happy and entertained, watch them grow and find something for every step of their development.

What are the best toys for babies?

Babies from newborns to six months have very different needs, due to how quickly they’re developing. The best toys for newborns tend to make noises, have bright colours and contrasting patterns, and offer some movement. Six month old babies love toys with texture, or that involve activities or make noise.

If you’re looking to buy a present, personalised baby toys are a great option. 

Find toys for children of all ages in our age by age guide to children’s toys.

What toys can help with a child’s development?

Educational toys help with a child’s development. These tend to involve improving their fine motor skills, and can include:

  • Building blocks
  • Easels for drawing
  • ‘See and Say’ games
  • Books
  • Puzzle games, including wooden toys 

For a full range of baby toys to help with children’s development, view our range of educational toys

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