Personalised Wooden Baby & Children's Toys

Personalised wooden toys are fun, pretty, and more sustainable. They’re a great gift and the perfect addition to any toybox.

Our collection of personalised wooden children’s toys include animal shape sorters, tool boxes, walkers, dining playsets and so much more. They bring joy to your little one, as well as giving them a sense of ownership when they read their own name.

Our personalised wooden baby toys help you make your home more sustainable. They’re a great present for eco-friendly baby showers, as well as first birthday presents. Interested in sustainable baby toys and clothes? Shop our sustainable baby collection, or learn more about why wooden toys make great gifts.

Are wooden toys safe for babies?

Wooden toys are generally the safest option for babies. They’re made from more natural materials than synthetic toys and are unlikely to contain harmful chemicals. All of our wooden baby toys are made with child friendly paints, stains and lacquers. Always check the age suitability before purchasing.

How to clean and disinfect wooden toys?

Wooden toys are easy to clean and disinfect. A mild soap and warm water on a sponge or cloth works well for painted wooden toys. You can also use white vinegar or apple cider for a chemical-free clean. Make sure to dilute the vinegar or cider, and use a cloth. Also make sure to air dry the toy completely after cleaning it, to protect the wood.

Why are wooden toys better than plastic toys?

Wooden toys are better than plastic toys because they’re less likely to contain harmful chemicals and synthetics. They’re also more environmentally friendly, as they are biodegradable but long-lasting, and can be passed down to other babies.

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