4 Steps to turn a walk into an adventure

June 15, 2020Lifestyle, Real life, Things To Do

Transform your daily walk from simple outdoor exercise to a fun adventure for all the family. We know that life can feel a bit boring under lockdown so we’re always looking for more ways to help you stay sane and keep the kids entertained. Liven up your routine with one of these four straightforward ways to make walks more exciting for you and your little ones.

1. Tell a story

Take inspiration from your children’s favourite stories, like Disney’s Classic Princess Books and transform your walk into a fantastical, immersive adventure. Take turns between you to add a line to your tale, name characters and to suggest plot twists. Base your story on what you see around you; consider how old this tree is, what are those birds tweeting about, who lives in this house etc. 

2. Turn it into a treasure hunt

Lace up their new pair of character trainers or classic high tops and get ready for a good, old fashioned treasure hunt to engage your little ones with the world around them. Before your walk, think up a list of items for them to ‘hunt’: from green leaves and yellow flowers that they can collect, to blue cars or red jackets they see on your journey. If you’re staying local for your walk, you could even organise your own scavenger hunt in advance using brightly coloured puzzle pieces as ‘treasure’ for your little ones to find. 

3. Pack a picnic

If you’re struggling to get your kids out the door for a walk, a little bit of bribery can go a long way. Reward your little ones’ hard work with one of our favourite summertime activities, a delicious outdoor picnic. All you need for a successful picnic are a few simple ingredients: a comfy blanket like this pink intarsia blanket, a tasteful toy like this picnic set to play with as they enjoy the real deal and the perfect bag to help you carry it all, like this cheerful polka dot lunch bag or this sweet bear design backpack. 

4. Follow the leader

Help to motivate your little one to enjoy your walk by letting them take the lead. If they want to take a certain path, follow them. If they want to see what’s around that corner, explore it with them. Encourage your child to develop their own independence and feel more in control during a time of global uncertainty where they have been forced to adapt to lots of changes in their routine. Dress your little explorer up in a special ‘is cool and kind’ or floral design denim jacket – decorated with their name – to make it easier to keep an eye on them. Explore new places in your area and watch where the adventure takes you. let your instincts guide you. 

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