Baby & Kid’s Outdoor Garden Toys

The joy of fresh air and sunshine can’t be underestimated. But kids will even have a laugh in the rain. Make their adventures more fun with baby garden toys and kids outdoor toys made just for them.

When can babies start playing outside?

Fresh air is great for children at any age, as long as they are dressed in suitable baby clothing to keep their body temperatures stable. But when they’re old enough to start grabbing and crawling, you’ll need to keep a keen eye on them to be sure they don’t hurt themselves or eat something they shouldn’t. But they will love being outside and playing in nature.

What kind of kids’ outdoor toys do toddlers and young children like?

Once your child is walking, you can look at kids’ garden toys that help them move around, such as personalised scooters. Once they’re a little older, toddlers and young children also love kids’ trikes and children’s bikes.

What outdoor activities can you do with your baby?

Outdoor games that babies enjoy include grabbing safe new items, such as pebbles or blades of grass; playing with toys that float in a small baby-safe bowl of water; baby-friendly swing; going on a walk in a backpack baby carrier; and being pulled along on grass or snow in a baby-friendly sledge.


If you’re looking for kids’ garden toys or baby outdoor toys explore our range - and remember that they can be personalised with the child’s name for free, making them great gifts.

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