Personalised Newborn Baby Swaddle Blankets

Personalised baby blankets make the perfect gift for your new friend - practical, cute and unique. Whether you have a baby on the way, or you’re looking for a personalised baby comforter as a gift, we have you covered.

All of our personalised baby blankets are safe, soft and will go the distance if you’re looking for a lifelong keepsake for your little one. They can be used as comforters, and they’re perfect for swaddling too.

Knowing what to buy for your baby can be tricky in the newborn stage. Browse our sleeptime collection for the cutest and comfiest additions to bedtime.

How to wrap a baby in a blanket?

Swaddling your baby helps them feel safe and comfortable, stops their startle reflex waking them - and you - and helps with self soothing.
To begin wrapping your baby in a blanket, fold it into a triangle and place your baby in the middle, with their head just above the blanket.
Place their right arm along their body, slightly bent, then wrap the blanket around, tucking it under their body but leaving their left arm free.
Fold the bottom of the fabric over their feet, and tuck it into the top of the swaddle, at their chin.
Finally, place your baby’s left arm against their body, slightly bent. Bring the remaining side of the blanket over the arm and tuck the fabric under their body. And your baby’s ready for a comfy sleep.
For more information on swaddling, read our swaddling blog post.

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