Personalised Baby Blankets & Comforters

Personalised baby blankets and comforters keep your little one warm and comforted at night. They’re often kept for a whole childhood, and some experts suggest they help babies self soothe and go back to sleep on their own. Buy a personalised baby comforter for an extra special gift, or browse our full sleeptime collection.

Why are blankets and comforters important for babies?

Blankets and comforters are important for babies because they keep them warm while they sleep. If your baby is using their blanket or comforter, many experts believe they’re more likely to self sooth and get back to sleep if they wake in the night.

Do newborns need blankets and at what age can babies sleep with a blanket?

Newborns do not need blankets. In fact, blankets can be a hazard to them at night. Instead, use a swaddle bag and onesie to keep your little one warm and comfortable at night. You can browse our selection of sleepwear to help your newborn stay comfy. 

If you’re worried about keeping your baby warm at night, read our blog for top tips.

It’s recommended that babies don’t sleep with a blanket until they’re a year or older, with some experts recommending 18 months. 

When can a baby sleep with a comforter in their cot?

Babies can begin sleeping with a comforter in their cot from around six months. It’s recommended you stick to one comforter, and keep a spare, and that you wash it frequently. Personalised baby comforters are beautiful childhood gifts that can be kept as treasured keepsakes.

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