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Babies and children benefit from a range of toys, and electronic toys can be a wonderful option to add variety to their play. They can also be a huge help to parents by helping keep children entertained and stimulated while adults manage other aspects of family life.


What is an electronic toy?

Any toy that includes electronics of any kind would fall into this category. For younger children, kids' electronic toys will typically be simpler items, such as easy-use audiobook readers and child-friendly headphone sets. As children get older and into their teenage years, electronic toys might include robot pets, video game consoles and drones. 


Are electronic toys good for babies?

While electronic baby toys should never act as a replacement for family play with other types of educational toys , they can be a big help when parents are busy. Audiobook readers, for example, can help give children a love of stories and provide a great alternative to watching TV, helping stimulate their imaginations and providing soothing, familiar tones that can comfort them. 


What kind of kids’ electronic toys should I look for?

It depends on the age of your children . For children’s electronic toys suitable for all ages, from birth upwards, consider an age-appropriate audiobook reader. And children aged three and above might appreciate headphones made to fit their smaller heads and ears. 


If you’re thinking of gifting an electronic toy, make it all the more special with personalisation, which is free (no extra cost) on a range of our kids’ electronic toys.

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