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If you need a unique gift for a child, personalised baby dolls are an excellent choice. Whether you need soft dolls for babies, dolls for toddlers or a charming gift for a young child, adding personalisation will make the gift all the more special. And with My 1st Years soft dolls, personalisation is free.

At what age do babies like soft toys?

From about two to three months old, babies will typically start to grasp toys, and soon afterwards, they will usually begin to play with them by reaching out and touching or swiping them.

Are dolls good for babies as well as older children?

Both girls and boys benefit from playing with dolls. Studies have found that dolls help them with imaginative play, social skills and the development of empathy. It’s never too early to introduce children to soft toys, and the benefits of playing with dolls continue long after they enter school.

What kind of personalised baby doll should I choose for a newborn?

When choosing to gift a personalised first doll, you want one that is both soft and durable so that it will still look good throughout the baby’s developmental stages, from grabbing to teething. Also bear in mind that giving children dolls with diverse cultural and physical characteristics can encourage them to be more socially aware and accepting of differences as they grow up.

Browse our selection of soft dolls, and remember that with My 1st Years, you can have any of them personalised for free.

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