Personalised Nursery & Children’s Bedroom Accessories

Choose from our personalised children’s bedroom accessories and baby room accessories to add a loving touch to their space. From the moment you decorate their room, children’s bedrooms are full of happy memories and love. They’re often the place for bonding night feeds, exciting firsts and the very first place they can call their own.  Whether you want to find something special for Christmas or a birthday, you’re updating your little one’s nursery, or you want to add a personal touch, browse our baby room and nursery accessories for inspiration. 

How do I decorate my child’s nursery?

How you decorate your child’s nursery depends on your taste and their personality. However, there are some top tips to follow:

1 - Make sure everything has a place, to keep the room clutter-free

2 - Choose a washable wallpaper for all of those sticky fingers

3 - Add the big furniture and essentials first, and then add other items around them. Essentials include a cot, chest of drawers or wardrobe, feeding chair, changing table and a standing lamp or table and lamp

4 - Pick a theme and colour scheme, and then make sure you stick to it or add in little pops of colour to avoid an overwhelming decor. 

Find out more about decorating your baby’s nursery on our blog. 

What should a nursery include?

The essentials for a nursery are:

A cot or bassinet
Changing table
Baskets to keep those all-important wipes and other essentials handy
A chest of drawers or wardrobe for your little one’s clothes
A feeding chair 
A standing lamp or table and lamp that isn’t too bright for night feeds and bedtime
A changing table

For even more inspiration read our blog on ideas for a nursery

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