Why your newborn needs monochrome

September 8, 2020Uncategorised

Ask any expectant parent what the best part of preparing for a new baby is and they are sure to mention the nursery. This is where your instinctive need to nest really comes into its own. You want to create a cosy environment where your new arrival will feel safe and soothed and with so many magazines, blogs and Pinterest boards dedicated to decor, the choices can be overwhelming. While it can be tempting to choose a specific theme before your baby is even born, we’re here to make the case for choosing nurturing neutrals over bright colours.

Some quick facts about your baby:

  • Newborns can only see objects that are 8-11 inches away from their faces
  • Their eyes can only pick up on shades of black, grey and white.
  • From 3 months, babies begin to recognise more colours and can start to see the full rainbow at 6 months.
  • Eyesight will not fully develop until they are at least 4 years old.

Did you know that in the 1st few months of their lives, your little ones have a very limited view of the world? Before birth, your baby learns to distinguish between dark and light so when babies open their eyes for the 1st time, they use this contrast to begin to make sense of the wide new world around them. 

Limit your little one’s nursery to monochromatic colours and patterns to create a space just for them that is soothing and stimulating. By reducing their exposure to bright colours, newborn eyes are better able to recognise shapes, patterns and textures and to focus for longer periods of time. This boosts their optical and cognitive abilities and supports the development of their attention span and to establish connections between what they hear and feel with what they can see. 

Our top picks for little learners

To make setting up the ideal nursery as simple and straightforward as possible, check out our new Mini Mono collection. Featuring everything a new arrival needs, from comforting blankets to adorable decor, this collection is designed to support little learners with their development. 

Personalised Mini Mono Organic Mobile

  • Made to support newborns in their optic and cognitive development, this mobile is designed in contrasting grey, black and white to stimulate their senses without overwhelming their little minds. 
  • Little babies will be enchanted by these neutral toned characters and be soothed to sleep and as they watch them dance in easy-to-see colours.

Personalised Panda Robe

  • Features an adorable panda design in contrasting dark grey and white
  • Made from touchably soft 100% cotton, this robe will keep a little one cosy and warm for bathtime, bedtime and lazy days at home.

Personalised Mini Mono Organic Comforter

  • Made from 100% organic cotton, this comforter is a natural choice to help a new arrival self-soothe and settle as they absorb new shapes, textures and sounds.

Personalised Panda Print Blanket & Milestone Blanket

  • Extend tummy time with this easy-to-see blanket 
  • Take inspiration from the sweet slogan that adorns this blanket and watch your little one grow every time you wrap them up safe and snug. 
  • Designed with easy-to-track dates, use the baby-soft milestone blanket to track a new baby’s progress as they grow and develop from week to week and take photos to share with friends and family. 
  • To use, lay the baby down on the blanket and use the felt ring included with this blanket to track the weeks and months you have shared with your little one.

Personalised Panda Stacker Toy

  • Designed in contrasting black and white to support baby’s optic nerve development as well as their fine motor skills. 

Personalised Mini Mono Baby Record Book

  • Features an adorable panda-face design in contrasting black and white that provides visual and cognitive stimulation for newborns (to help them reach those milestones faster!)
  • Follow the prompts and milestones featured inside of this record book to keep track of a new arrival’s achievements, from the mini to the massive, with regular photos and notes. 

We hope you feel inspired by this article to explore more monochrome options for the new arrivals in your life. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @My1stYears and use #My1stYears so we can see how you style a neutral nursery.

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