Why you need a reusable Advent Calendar + 5 ideas for how to use it!

November 19, 2020Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gifts

It’s that time of year again: the days are darker, November is nearly over and the sparkly lights of December are almost here. Are you ready for the fun to begin? 

We all know that the best part of December is the countdown to Christmas, and while disposable Advent calendars are great, making memories that last a lifetime feels even better. Not only is a reusable Advent calendar more eco-friendly and cost efficient, they can also double as decorations. Whether it’s a candy-cane red Advent house, or a gorgeous wooden Advent train, you will also be adding an extra touch of Christmas to your home. 

The best part is with your own reusable Advent calendar, you get to choose exactly what your little ones get to open each morning. If you’re feeling stuck for ideas, we’ve got five to help you make the most of your Advent calendar. 

The best part of the run up to Christmas is always the day you decorate the Christmas tree, so why not draw out this excitement for the whole of December? Each morning your kids can discover a new little Christmas decoration that they can display around the house or hang on the tree

For religious families, this is a great way to teach your children the story of Christmas. Store a festive figurine for each day and by Christmas Eve the stable will be full. A nativity set will help little ones understand the story while interacting with the real-life pieces.

Add in your little elf’s favourite Christmas snacks for a few of the days. They don’t have to be chocolate, but we all love a classic!

Write your little one a special letter for them to read each morning. A simple wish or message of love to keep them smiling all the way through to Christmas Eve

If your kids are going through a particular phase or craze right now, this is a great way to keep them entertained through December. Include a little toy from their favourite TV show, film or whatever they’re into at the moment to make every morning feel like Christmas

However you decide to fill your reusable Advent calendar this year, make sure you choose one that your little ones will love. Whether they enjoy travelling on trains, counting down the days or playing house, we’ve got an Advent calendar for that. 

Make sure that you order your advent in time for the Advent-ure to begin! 

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