When do babies start wearing shoes?

February 10, 2023Advice, Gift Inspiration, Information, Parenting, Parents-to-be, Real life

Sometimes, it can feel like babies reach new milestones every day. As every child develops at their own rate, it can be hard for parents to know when they’re ready to take on new challenges or even when they’re ready for new items of clothing.

If you’re wondering when your baby will be ready for their first pair of shoes, keep reading. We’re going to look at when babies need shoes and what to keep in mind when shopping for their first pair.


How to know when your baby is ready for shoes?



Interestingly, babies don’t actually need shoes until they start walking. Until then, bare feet or socks are best for your baby’s development. This may surprise you, as baby booties and tiny sandals are extremely popular.

Babies need to spend time barefoot as they need to feel the ground beneath their feet to develop the muscles and balance that’ll help them learn to walk. Shoes can inhibit this development by placing a barrier between their feet and the ground. They can also stop them from being able to wiggle their toes.

But once your baby starts trying to take their first steps, it’s time to pick out their first pair of shoes.


What should you look for when buying baby shoes?


As your baby takes their first wobbly steps, they need the right shoes to help them put their best foot forward.

Here’s what to look for when buying shoes for your baby: 

  • Fit: When choosing shoes for your baby, it’s important to make sure they fit well. This means measuring your baby’s feet and choosing a shoe that comfortably accommodates the length and width of their foot. There should be enough room for their toes to move freely and space for the heel to move up and down as they walk.

  • Non-slip: While your tot will have their fair share of topples as they get to grips with walking, non-slip shoes can help them stay upright as they learn.

  • Flexibility: Shoes should bend and flex easily with your child’s feet. Inflexible shoes can interfere with natural foot movement and put stress on their feet. Babies will be more comfortable wearing shoes that allow for lots of movement.

  • Material: Leather or soft suede are great materials for a baby’s first pair of shoes, as they allow their feet to breathe and are easy to clean. For an alternative to leather, look for cotton shoes which are breathable, flexible and soft.

  • Quality: Make sure the shoe is well-constructed, using high-quality materials and tight stitching.

  • Security: Choosing a shoe that you can fasten securely to your baby’s foot is essential. This will stop the shoe from coming off while walking or sitting in a pushchair. 


Choosing your baby’s first pair of shoes



While babies don’t need shoes until they start walking, you can always get them used to the sensation before they take their first steps. Plus, they look super cute.

Let’s look at the different types of shoes you can get for babies to help them start exploring the world safely and comfortably. 

  • Crawling shoes: Little tots make excellent explorers. Once they learn to crawl, they’re unstoppable! Not all babies crawl — many others prefer to shuffle on their bums or tummy.

    At this stage, their feet have a layer of fat to protect their delicate bones. However, a pair of soft and flexible shoes can keep their feet safe when exploring new environments, including the garden.

  • Cruising shoes: As your little one gears up to take their first step, they’ll start pulling themselves up to stand on their feet. Non-slip shoes can encourage their development.

  • Walking shoes: The big day is finally here! Now that your little one is fully mobile, it’ll be no time until they’re dashing around on their feet all day. While it’s still essential for them to spend time barefoot, shoes can keep them safe when you venture outside. Look for protective, secure shoes that offer excellent grip and support.

  • Booties: Booties are more designed for style than function. But tiny booties are so adorable they’re impossible to resist! Plus, they’re handy for keeping your tot’s toes warm when in their pram.



Cherish the moment forever

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