What your little one needs for a successful sleep away from home

September 25, 2020Uncategorised

Whether your family is planning a sweet staycation for October half term or a simple sleepover at Granny’s, what you pack in your little one’s bag can be make or break. However tiny your tot may be, their needs (and demands) are big. 

With lockdowns and travel limits, time at home has become more monotonous than ever and taking some time out of the house feels increasingly important. Routines have become the rules we live by and breaking them – even for one night – can be more difficult for children to deal with than usual.

Make sure your little one can make the most of a change in scenery with our handy guide, packed with everything your child needs to bring a feel for the familiar with them while they are away. 

Comforting cuddly toys 

We have all been there: you finally get out the door and you suddenly realise that you have forgotten the most important thing, your little one’s favourite toy. Whether it’s a cuddly bear, a fluffy bunny or a delightful soft doll, a personalised soft toy is always easier to remember. 

If your toddler experiences away-from-home anxiety, bring their worry monster along for support. Help them to write out their worries, fold up the paper and zip it safely inside the monster’s mouth. This will teach your toddler to acknowledge and name their feelings to stop all the bad thoughts from swirling around in their minds all night. 

Blissfully soft blankets

For a real home away from home feeling, there is nothing better than a warm blanket to wrap around them. Different beds and travel cots can smell or feel strange, which can get in the way of a good night’s sleep. 

Help your little one to drift away to dreamland with their favourite blanket to carry comfort wherever they go. Stick to 100% cotton for a blanket that is soft enough for sensitive skin and breathable to regulate your baby’s body temperature while they sleep. 

Dreamy pyjamas

Every child has a favourite pair of pyjamas and every parent knows the risk of getting it wrong. After all, you don’t want to give your toddler anymore excuses to make a fuss at bedtime. 

Choose their favourite colour or character to increase your chance of success or stick to a classic checked design for maximum comfort. 

Easy-on outfits

Good nights’ sleeps need easy mornings and a cosy outfit to crawl into. With your little one away from their routine, you might find it more difficult to get them up, dressed and ready for the day. If they are feeling irritable or difficult, the last thing you (or Granny) wants to do is try to wrestle a small child into a complicated outfit. 

Pack something they will really enjoy wearing, that they can play, lounge or just throw a tantrum in, comfortably. Give your toddler room to run around in a colourful tracksuit or bundle your baby up in a romper to give them plenty of room to wriggle.

P.S. If you are considering a staycation here in the UK, read our blog [link to staycation from August] for ideas and inspiration on where to head for October bank holiday. Tag us @My1stYears and #My1stYears on Instagram so we can see how you sleepaway in style. 

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