What to name your new year baby

January 4, 2021Celebrate with us, Parenting

Congratulations, you made it to 2021! But what’s that, you have just or are about to give birth? Double congratulations! With more and more pandemic babies entering the world every day, it’s time to give them a warm welcome with a name as special as they are. For those born in the first half of the month, their star sign will be Capricorn: the sign of hard-workers and practical thinkers who make excellent leaders; however for those born later in the month, fame may be written in their stars. Aquarius is the sign of free-thinkers and changemakers, and more celebrities are born during Aquarius season than any other. 

So, celebrate the arrival of your new bundle of joy with a seasonal name that pays homage to the hope, excitement and endless possibilities of not just a brand new year, but a brand new life! 

A celebration of all things new, Neo and Nova are an inspired choice for a baby born at the beginning of a new year. Nova can also refer to an exploding star, suddenly releasing a big burst of energy into the universe and shining bright for all to see. In Tswana, a language spoken in the southern region of Africa, Neo is also a unisex name meaning ‘gift’, which every baby certainly is. Add it to a cuddly new cellular blanket to welcome a new baby home from the hospital. 

Whether your baby is born at the dawn of a new day or a new year, Aurora is a name that celebrates new beginnings. In Roman mythology, Aurora was the goddess of the sunrise who brought the dawn with her on her chariot: with her name the glorious golden light of the morning and the promise and possibility of a brand new day. For a name fit for a princess, Aurora was popularised in the mid 20th century by Walt Disney’s titular Sleeping Beauty. Add this name to a personalised fairy princess robe to give a little one the royal welcome they deserve.

Derived from Old English ‘Ealdwine’, Alden is now a popular gender neutral name. Meaning ‘old friend’ or ‘wise protector’, this was a common name in the middle ages that has stood the test of time. Perfect for babies born at the beginning of 2021, Alden recalls Robert Burns’ traditional New Year’s anthem ‘Auld Lang Syne’, an ode to the value of friendships and the passing of time. Add it to baby’s first cuddly toy for a friend they’ll keep forever. 

Not just for cute little cats, these are two beautiful names that mean luck and happiness: everything you could hope for this new life and the new year ahead. Derived from the latin ‘felicitas’, Felix was first adopted as a first name in Ancient Rome and Felicity can first be recognised in an epithet for the Roman goddess Fortuna. Filled with energy and enthusiasm, Felix or Felicity is the perfect name to wish a little one a life of good fortune. Add a personal touch to their nursery decor with their name engraved on this wooden cat pull-along

Derived from the latin word meaning ‘light’, these names are traditionally given to babies born at dawn or in daylight. Imbued with the hope of a new day, welcome a new arrival with a truly celebratory name. Entertain them with tales of C.S. Lewis’ Lucy Pevensie, sing along to the classic Beatles anthem or inspire a little artist with beautiful surrealist works of art. With a name like this, the sky’s the limit! Wrap these little stars up on cold nights in a personalised celestial print blanket

A beautiful name of Irish origin meaning ‘bright’, this was originally the name for a Gaelic goddess, Niamh of the Golden Hair. She was a daughter of the sea god, who fell in love with the God Finn’s son. Together they ran away to the Land of Promise, which we all hope 2021 will be! In the meantime, add their name to a personalised angel soft doll to help them fly away to their own dreamworld.