What to Gift A Summer Baby

August 3, 2018Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Uncategorised

The saying goes, “the littlest people, are the hardest to buy for”… well it doesn’t exactly but it should because it’s true! Whilst stores are filled to the brim with gift options for newborns, knowing how to navigate what can seem like endless rows of infant products is overwhelming and can oft times prove very stressful. In warm weather months, this is made even more difficult as the heat can render a huge selection of traditional gifts inappropriate – yep, we’re talking about you knitted blankets. Yet, even though it’s hard, we really recommend putting time and thought into the gifts you purchase for the babies in your life. Not only is it wonderfully special to celebrate a new life but in their first few weeks of parenthood, Mums and Dads are likely to be overwhelmed and the right baby gift can be really encouraging in helping them ease into newborn life. To help you on the quest for the perfect gift for a Summer baby, here are our top 4 suggestions:- 



Unsurprisingly given their title, gifts sets are a perfect option for newborns since they allow you to treat little ones to multiple adorable pieces which compliment one another! At My 1st Years, all our gifts are delivered free in our luxury gift set, adding an extra special touch to those extra special gifts.




Nothing says special like jewellery!  Whether it’s a personalised bangle or delicate pendant necklace, peices of jewellery are a timeless keepsake that babies can treasure for a lifetime.




Everybody remembers their first soft toys – those sweet innocent cuddlies that you carried with you every and anywhere. Treating little ones to their very own soft toy is a perfect gift idea since it gives them a friend for life! All our soft toys can be personalised 100% free of charge, helping to make them stand out from the crowd.




A good book is a gift parents are likely to appreciate as much as their little ones, since book time is a very special time for babies in their first few months. As well as traditional fairytales, books on different topics are perfect for adding variety to storytime.