What is Nesting During Pregnancy?

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If you’re in those later stages of pregnancy, you know the ones where the stairs feel like Everest and being awake for 5 hours feels like a chore, but you have a real urge to clean and organise the home –  then you might be nesting.

What is Nesting?


Nesting is the psychological compulsion to provide a safe environment for your new baby. This instinct is common in a number of animals who often create a hospitable environment for laying eggs and giving birth, prior to the event, this is most well known in birds hence the name ‘nesting’. This instinct usually kicks in during the later stages of pregnancy and is thought to help create a bond between Mum and the unborn baby.

Nesting is far more than just having the practical things together, and more about creating a homely space for your new baby. In your third trimester your body starts to prepare itself for having a baby with Braxton hicks, hip pain and a lowering bump, so it’s only natural for your mind to prepare too. It’s likely you’ll want to clean the home, tidy up and decorate the baby’s nursery (even though he/she won’t be in there for a while).

What Should I do if I am Nesting?

When you begin to nest it’s likely that you’ll want to clean the whole house, take on a bit of DIY and make improvements to the little one’s new room. Frustratingly the urge to nest comes at the point in pregnancy where you feel the most lethargic and heavy, but just remember to take it easy on yourself. It’s a totally natural impulse and we believe you should go with the flow, and do whatever you feel up to doing. Remember that your balance, core strength and energy levels will have changed dramatically so avoid any heavy lifting and ladders. We also recommend not using any strong chemicals when cleaning and keeping the rooms well ventilated, remember it’s ok to ask for help!

Our favourite thing to do when nesting is to add finishing touches to your bump’s bedroom, it can really bring the room together and make everything feel real. We have a great selection of personalised homewares that can finish any part of the home, adding a unique touch.

Last Minute Purchases to get While Nesting

So your home is spotless, you’ve put the crib together and you’re still desperate to make everything perfect before he/she arrives! Discover a few of our favourite pieces perfect for those final days of pregnancy when you are nesting.


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If you have got a bit of a thing for all things pink we have a selection of gifts perfect for finishing a pretty pink palace! From sweet pink toys, to storage bags and seats for your little princess, we think you’ll find the most dreamy finishing touch for their bedroom. Still not decided their name? Don’t worry you can personalise our gifts with a surname or word of your choice!


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With Rumours that Prince Harry & Meghan have opted for a unisex nursery for Archie, it’s no surprise that everyone is loving all things grey! Here at My 1st Years we also love the grey hues and have lots of pieces that will finish off a nursery or playroom perfectly! Discover adorable night lights, stylish storage and sturdy wooden toys all in everyone’s favourite neutral hue.


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We all want our little ones to dream big so why not encourage that with our on trend cloud themed nursery accessories! When nesting we get the urge to ensure everything is tidy and organised so our discover our cloud themed storage bag and coat hook, to help keep the room tidy from toys and clothes.

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