What is a Worry Monster? …And why does your child need one?

October 1, 2020Advice, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, How to, Information, Parenting, Real life

As we live in an unusually uncertain world, your child is likely feeling out of sorts and unsettled. With changes at school and limited social contact on top of everyday challenges like new terms, making friends or even trying a new food, our little ones have a lot on their minds. 

Childhood Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal feeling that all humans experience, think of it as our brain’s alarm system. When something feels wrong or different, we become more alert in the hope that we will either resolve or run away from the problem. 

For children, this feeling can be particularly overwhelming and alien and feelings of panic and intrusive thoughts can get in the way of learning, playing and even sleeping. 

As a parent, you want to do whatever you can to help them to feel better and brighter and to equip them with the tools they need to grow up happy. Enter, the Worry Monster, a new furry friend who is hungry for worries. 

What is a Worry Monster?

A Worry Monster is here to help your little one to acknowledge, express and let go of their anxieties – think of it as a cuddly update on the classic worry box tool. 

With a big zip up mouth and fluffy fur, Worry Monster is a supportive friend who will listen to, gobble up and hug away worries. 

How do I use one?

If your child is feeling anxious, their Worry Monster is here to help them process and let go of these feelings. 

Follow these simple steps to learn how:

Identify a worry: describe thoughts and feelings verbally and offer words and phrases to give these worries names and explanations. 

Get it out: write down or draw what the worry feels like on a piece of paper.

Take it away: fold up the paper and zip it inside the Monster’s mouth to be gobbled away. 

Move forward: when your child isn’t looking, unzip the mouth and unfold the paper to find out more about exactly what is troubling your little love. 

After your child has released their feelings, they will feel validated, supported and most importantly, calmer. Personalise their Worry Monster with their name, or a special word that will encourage your little one to express their anxiety and tag us @My1stYears or #My1stYears so we can see and show our support. 

With Love,

My 1st Years x