Welcome a new baby during the coronavirus pandemic

April 9, 2020Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life

When a new baby is born we want to celebrate, but with everything that’s going on in the world right now it’s difficult to know where to begin…

At the moment it feels like life is cancelled: most of us can’t go to work, see our friends or go outside when we want; our worlds have suddenly become so small and limited. With the birth of a new baby, we are reminded that life goes on: there is a future and there is hope beyond these months of isolation. A lot of things may be cancelled, but family, love and joy are not. Now, more than ever, we need to celebrate these little miracles and provide much-needed support to new parents whose lives have been turned upside down. We have a few ideas to help you show new parents how much you care and welcome the new bundle of joy that has arrived in your life.

Send them your love


When you can’t give them a proper cuddle, there are other ways to show a little one how much you love them. Whether it’s their 1st soft toy (such as this sweet knitted giraffe or traditional teddy bear) to keep them company or a soft muslin to wrap them up nice and snug,  a special gift can temporarily substitute physical affection until normal life can resume. To celebrate their arrival, personalise these organic bunny and bear soft toys with baby’s name and date of birth for a thoughtful gift that will be treasured long after lockdown is over. 

Say (a virtual) hello! 


Just because you can’t be in the same room as the new baby, doesn’t mean that you can’t still give them a warm welcome. Thanks to the miracles of technology, video calling is easier than ever. From one-on-one chats via Facetime or WhatsApp video to group meetings via Zoom, video calls have become an essential part of our everyday lives under quarantine. Organise some time to meet the new arrival and dress up, ready to celebrate. For grandparents and family members who might not be so comfortable with technology, follow the example of that viral photo of a grandfather meeting his grandson for the first time: bring baby round and introduce them through a living room or car window. 

Adapt your plans


Although it might not seem like it at the moment, this won’t be our new normal forever. Soon, our old lives will resume and social celebrations will be back on the agenda. To alleviate some of the anxieties surrounding the uncertainty of when this future will happen, look for other ways to celebrate new milestones until you can have a proper party. Until you can organise the ceremony, mark the naming of a new baby with a personalised Christening blanket and store trinkets such as their hospital bracelet in a special keepsake box. Remember, time is still passing and memories can still be made.

Offer practical support


In the midst of this madness, new parents need relief. At the best of times emotions are in overdrive, self-care can be at an all-time low and the smallest everyday tasks can feel like a mountain. While you can’t just pop over to babysit while Mum showers or offer to help out with the cleaning, you can still support parents with their daily errands. From getting in some basic groceries to ordering them their favourite restaurant takeaway, simple gestures can make a big difference. Provided you maintain the necessary 2m distance and carefully disinfect whatever you deliver, there’s no reason why you can’t even make them a celebratory cake to welcome the new baby (and you’ll also benefit from the therapeutic effects of baking to help ease your own anxieties). 

Take this time 


At the moment it is all too easy to focus on what we’re missing out on and forget some of the good things that can come from this national lockdown. They say it takes a village to raise a child and now more than ever people are connecting as a community. The essential role that family and friends will play in a little one’s life doesn’t need to be delayed and some of us may find that we have more time than before to spend hanging out on video calls with our loved ones. Whether this is their 1st baby or a new addition to a growing family, the order to stay at home provides more quiet moments for us to bond, for parents to work out new routines and get to know their bundles of joy. To encourage Mums and Dads to take a time out, these waffle robes are luxuriously soft and a comforting room candle will help to maintain a calm home environment in the middle of a universally difficult time.