Unusual Names for Autumn Babies

September 28, 2021Advice, Inspiration, Parents-to-be, Real life

Autumn is the season of golden crunchy leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes, and long walks in warm clothes. The most popular time to have a baby is between the September to November months and birth rates tend to rise during this period every year. With so many baby names to choose from, seasonal themed names offer parents a variety of quirky yet meaningful ones to draw from. 

Here’s our list of unusual Autumnal baby names to inspire your choice.  


Instead of choosing another jewel such as ‘Ruby’ or ‘Pearl’ this autumn, take inspiration from Sapphire. This enchanting name of Hebrew origin, is the birthstone for the month of September and translates to ‘blue’, for its striking deep colour. Occasionally used a century ago, Sapphire can be shortened to Sophie or Sophia for a sweet alternative. Dress a little one up in our personalised deep blue knitted hat and mitt set to keep little heads and fingers warm through the autumn months. 


Celebrate the joy of a new arrival with the lovely Irish name, Orla which means ‘golden princess’. As autumn is the season of golden leaves, Orla could be the perfect name for your very own fair-haired little one. This soft name is apt for all of the colours of the season and was very popular in the Middle Ages. In Irish, the name is commonly spelled Orlaith or Orlagh. Honour your little princess with our personalised fairy princess robe to make them feel truly special this season.


Pay homage to the season where the trees lose their leaves with this unisex name that means to descend/fall. Originally used for children baptized in holy water from the river Jordan, it became one of the leading androgynous names of the nineties. Pay homage to the natural world by choosing this strong name for your little one. Wrap up your little cub in our personalised bear pram suit to keep them warm on trips outside this autumn. 


With French and English roots, the unisex name Aubrey has connotations of wisdom. A relatively popular name in England in the Middle Ages, Audrey then fell from favour but has been climbing up the girls’ popularity charts. After being a nearly 100% male name, it’s now 98% girls and among the most popular girls’ names starting with A. This stylish name is a lyrical option for a little one this autumn. Personalise our Peter Rabbit or Flopsy Bunny backpack so they can carry everything they need with them this autumn. 


For a name that captures the hope and excitement of both autumn and your own bundle of joy, consider Bodhi. With its origins in the ancient literary language Sanskrit, Bodhi translates to enlightenment and awakening to symbolise a new life and a new chapter for your family. Choose this lyrical name to celebrate the birth of your baby. Add some-bunny specials name to our personalised bear booties for a gift that will keep their toes warm through the chilly months. 


For parents-to-be, the Japanese-originated name Akiko is an ideal gender-neutral option for an autumn-born little one. Meaning ‘autumn child’ or ‘bright child’ in the Japanese language, consider this gentle unisex name that pays homage to the joy of crunchy leaves, crisp autumn air and cosy nights at home. Personalise our new polar bear fleece dressing gown for a seasonal gift that will carry them through autumn and beyond. 


Hailing from Ireland, Riley is a popular contemporary unisex name. Upbeat and friendly, you might be surprised to know that Riley is the most popular girls name starting with the letter R. Translating to ‘courageous’ with ties to the season of harvest, Rylee, Ryleigh, and other variations are also quite popular, along with the traditional Reilly. Simple but strong, celebrate the autumn months with this sweet baby name. Personalise our bear backpack with a little cub’s name for a gift that they’ll love to take along on their adventures. 


This autumn honour the season with the soft unisex name Marley, which was first used in the 12th century as a surname created from the Old English ‘marten’ (an animal that lives in the forest) and ‘leah’ (wood clearing). Besides being influenced by reggae superstar Bob Marley, the name gained attention when the movie ‘Marley and Me’ – a loving account of life with a mischievous Labrador Retriever, was released in 2008. Evoking a sense of peace and serenity, hopefully your little ones will display these characteristics as they grow up. Keep a little Marley snug this season in our personalised blue Intarsia striped blanket.  

We hope that these unusual names can inspire your choice this autumn. 

With love, 

My 1st Years x