Travelling Light With Children

July 5, 2017How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Words & Photography By Katie, Travel & Lifestyle Blogger at Mummy, Daddy Me

We absolutely love to travel with our three young children but often we are met with intrigued questions or statements. Things like ‘Do you find it stressful travelling with three of them?’ or ‘You are brave taking three of them on an airplane’. Of course travelling with little ones isn’t the same as going away before kids, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. To me it’s all about the planning and preparation. I find if I prepare before hand it helps me feel more relaxed.


Here are my Top 5 tips for travelling light with children:


1. Pack a surprise travel bag

myfirstyears3Whenever we go on a flight we pack our girls what we call a ‘plane bag’. I pack this full of new toys and things to keep them occupied on the plane. Just little things that I collect for weeks before hand, nothing expensive. Normally it is things like a new book, a colouring book, a set of mini colouring pencils (I love the My 1st Years Pencil Case), a travel card game or a sticker book. I don’t let them have them until we are up in the air with the seatbelt sign off. It gives them something to look forward to and means that I can control what they are taking so we don’t end up packing too much.

2. Pack small snack

travel-bag-for-kidsI find packing little snacks firstly helps keep them occupied and second saves on space. I like to do things like pack raisins in little tiny clear ziplock bags, so they are easy to see and don’t take much space. Other things are fruit strings, little mini biscuits or small crackers.

3. Let them have and carry their own bag

myfirstyears4The girls love having their own suitcases to push and have responsibility for and it helps us when packing as it means they can have their own things in there, rather than taking up space in our suitcases. They love their My 1st Year’s personalised animal suitcases.

4. Always write a list

jeshoots-com-219386Writing a list really helps me get organised and think really practically about what we need. I try and break it down into what we will need on a day. Remember especially if you are going on a beach or pool summer holiday, that most of the day your children will be in swimwear. I have made that mistake and ended up packing lots of outfits they didn’t need. Writing a list helps me organise what I need to remember.

5. You never need as many toys as you think

grey-elephant-teddy_new-text-colour1I always pack their special cuddly toy and I will pack this for the plane in case they want to snuggle down and have a nap. But remember they really won’t need loads of toys. Firstly you will no doubt be out and about having fun and secondly children can play with whatever they have in front of them- the amount of fun my baby boy has just tipping water from one cup to another is endless!

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