Top tips for a tidy nursery

June 9, 2020How to, Lifestyle, New Collections

Spring may be on its way out, but the need to clean feels never-ending. Whether you are expecting your first baby or forever picking up after your toddler, finding the right storage solution can make all the difference to the space you share with your family. For easy inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favourite products that avoid mess and control clutter.

Go for simple storage bags

When it comes to storing away your children’s things, a storage bag is a good place to start. Sturdy enough to hold everything together but soft enough to fold away when you’re not using them, bags are a flexible way to manage storage – especially in small spaces. If your cupboard space is limited, use storage bags to tidy away your kids’ blankets, robes and cushions. For a simple style, a neutral-toned storage bag can even look chic in your living room. Try this grey chevron or white swirl design for a subtle style or try these pink, grey or white patterned bags for a sprinkle of organisational magic.

Stick to tradition

Traditional and timeless, a toy box is a safe bet for children’s storage. An item with classic design is more likely to stand the test of time in your child’s room as they grow up. After all, it doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always need storage! Look for beautifully crafted toy boxes made from 100% wood like this carved star toy box, decorated with either pink or grey personalised text. The best bit about a toy box? You can literally close the lid on their mess!

Clear your surfaces

For the small bits and pieces that quickly become clutter, try a small bowl or mini storage bag. Think mini toy cars, building blocks and little accessories. If you’re looking to keep your storage style cohesive, choose a mini bag that matches your larger options – like this adorable small swirl bag, this minimalist chevron design or a pretty star pattern.

Keep it cute

If you’re having trouble ‘inspiring’ your little one to put their toys away after playtime, add some character to their storage. Encourage your child to tidy up after themselves with a cute animal-design storage bag in their favourite colour. Whether they love cheese like a little mouse, have the energy levels of an excitable bunny, are more of a cuddly bear or possess the bravery of a little lion, you can find something to suit them. 

Stay on theme

If your little one’s nursery has a specific theme, choose storage with a complimentary design that will keep everything cohesive. Whether your kids are into pretty butterflies, embarking on adventures with dinosaurs or in the jungle or prefer something simple like stars or hearts, there’s a toy box for that!

Whatever age your children are, we know how difficult it is to control the chaos of toys, clothes and all of their bits and pieces. If you follow any of our tips, don’t forget to tag us in your photos on social media so we can see how you use and style your storage. 

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