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Top 10 Summer Baby Names

July 3, 2020Information, Parenting, Uncategorised

Here at My 1st Years, we see thousands of names being personalised onto beautiful baby gifts every day, meaning we can see the latest trends first hand. We know that becoming a parent is a truly special moment but it’s not one without a lot of decisions and worry – and a big one is what do you call your new bundle? If you’re welcoming a new arrival with the new season then we have 10 beautiful summer-inspired baby names, to help you make your decision, and we think you will love them!



The name Chasca is an Incan name meaning ‘goddess of dawn’, igniting images of early sunrises and dew drops on summer mornings. Dawn is the new beginning of each day and a baby girl is a new beginning or chapter for parents, giving the name much more meaning and sentiment. This Incan Goddess, Chasca, was also thought to have been romantically linked with Inti the sun-god, giving it that extra summery meaning.


Kyra may only be at 445 in terms of popularity in the UK but this pretty name is an excellent choice for those looking for a summery girls name. This multi-cultural name is of greek and Persian origin and literally means ‘the sun’. And with your new arrival sure to be the sunshine in your days, what better name for a sweet baby girl?


Evoking images of a beach holiday, this beautiful name of Latin origin means ‘little wave’. And let us tell you your new little lady is sure to make a wave in your life, but much like the ocean, no one can stay mad at her disruption when it holds so much power and beauty. 


A beautifully bright and warm name, Solana is of Spanish origin and means ‘sunshine’. A soft-sounding feminine name that can be easily shortened to ‘Sol’ or ‘Lana’ this is a versatile name with a summertime meaning.


We couldn’t write a summer baby names post without including this obvious pick now, could we? This seasonal name became popular in the 70s and has remained so ever since. Being the 86th most popular name in the UK last year means although it is a more popular name than some of the others in this line up it’s unlikely that every little girl in the class will have the same one.



Luca is a popular unisex name, more commonly used for baby boys as the Italian equivalent of Luke. Although it is derived from the Greek name Louka meaning ‘Man from Lucania’, Luca is also thought to have Latin heritage meaning ‘Bringer of light’. The name gained popularity in 2010 and has continued to grow to make it the 51st most popular boys name in the UK last year. With the meaning ‘Bringer of Light’ we think this makes a beautiful name for a rainbow baby, IVF baby or firstborn, representing the sunshine/light they bring into your world.


This lovely boys name is of old Greek origin meaning ‘Summer’ and is the perfect baby boys name for those looking for something a little more unusual. Although this name doesn’t rank on the most popular names used in the UK, similar names such as Theo do. Making it a great name for families looking for something a little different with a summer-inspired meaning.


Although a unisex name, this month of the year is becoming a more popular choice for little boys. August is, of course, the key summer month when children are off school and families are going on holiday so this beautiful name which means ‘great, magnificent’ in Latin, will evoke images of August bank holidays spent smiling in the sunshine.

4. KAI

This beautiful baby boy name just made it into the top 100 names used in the UK last year, at number 100! This name has many origins but is most commonly known for its Hawaiian and Japanese derivation meaning ‘sea’. A calm name, conjuring images of blissful blue Hawaiian seas, it’s almost impossible not to love this name, we have a sneaky suspicion that this name will only grow in popularity over the next few years!

5. SOL

Another Spanish name, Sol much like Kyra means ‘Sun’ but can also mean ‘peace’. This short but sweet name is great for people who don’t like their children’s names shortened and who opt for slightly more unique names. Although it’s Hebrew sound-a-like Saul is growing in popularity Sol is a lesser-used name with a lovely summer meaning.

Here at My 1st Years we adore discovering new and unique baby names and seeing them being personalised onto our adorable gifts. We would love to hear your favourite summer baby names in the comments or on social!

With love,
My 1st Years x