5 Top Tips for Travelling with Young Children: Interview with Gemma Rose Breger

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5 Top Tips for Travelling With Young Children

Interview with Gemma Rose Breger


If you’re looking for an all-encompassing beauty, fashion and motherhood Instagram then look no further than @thisismothership. Gemma Breger and Samantha Silver began a blog together as they felt that Mums who have their own style and personality were often misrepresented. 

We had a quick chat with the wonderful Gemma Breger about her family trip to Canada with Belle, her 4 year old daughter and Ace, her 18 month old son. We thought it couldn’t get much harder than that! So we picked her brain for a few top tips on travelling with young children. Read on to find out what she said.



Pre-pack entertainment

I make up little activity bags for the kids, and I’ve done this since Belle was around 15 months. It gets packed away as soon as we get home from a holiday so they forget what is in it. I replenish it with things from the Pound Store but it generally keeps them entertained for the whole holiday – it has stickers, bubbles, dolls for Belle to dress up, puzzles, cars etc. Also, snacks and tiring them out in the My 1st Years play area in the BA lounge all helped!

Organise to a T

I’m usually super organised. Everything has its own space/compartment. I pack in outfits for myself so I don’t end up taking anything just for the sake of it. So by the night before, it’s usually all done and waiting at the front door.


Select flights based on the kids

I usually only do night flights and as soon as we get on the plane I change the kids into PJs so they know it’s bedtime. With Belle we tell her the pilot comes to check everyone’s eyes are closed, which usually works and she falls asleep! With Ace I put him in the Ergo carrier until he nods off. I vacuum pack a pillow that I keep under the buggy, then once he is asleep I open up the pillow and lay him on it on my lap. The pillow makes it easier for me to move around during the flight because I just have to lift the pillow up and place it on my husband or the seat, rather than lifting him.

Ensure the holiday is for the kids and YOURSELVES

When we go to a hot country, both kids are happy to sit on the beach and play all day, so we get some down time also. When the weather isn’t so good then try to get out and about to various museums. The science museum in Canada is brilliant, it has a toy town which entertains both kids for hours.

Bonus Tip

Vacuum packing a pillow for the flight, bringing a million snacks and a Snooze Shade makes nap time easier as you can lay on the beach while they snooze beside you and they’re protected from the sun.

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