6 Tips for Taking Beautiful Holiday Photos of Your Children

July 23, 2018Advice, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do

Words and Images by Suzi Mitchell of Little White Photography

Holiday photos are so important, they’re an opportunity to capture some of our most precious memories for our children to look back on. Whether you’re going abroad or having a staycation in the UK, that time together as a family is priceless.  Plus the photos you capture will always be there to remind you and your children of the time you spent together. The games you’d play and the funny stories. But what are the tips and tricks of capturing some truly great photos, memories and moments?

Suzi Mitchell of Little White Photography has given us a behind the scenes insight into her best tips for capturing the perfect family holiday photos. An award-winning photographer, Suzi knows how to capture beautiful photos and as a Mother of 2 boys she knows how to capture those special moments.


Tip Number 1. Quick snaps, versus photos for your wall


This is really important as you don’t want to spend your whole holiday stressing yourself and everyone else out trying to position your family and get them to smile. These photos aren’t to go on your wall, they are simply so you can remember that moment. So use your phone and grab it whenever a cute moment presents itself. Don’t pose them, don’t interrupt. Just quickly take a photo.


Tip Number 2. Sunrise and sunset are the best time to take photos


The sun is much softer and more flattering at these times and it means you can get the sun in the frame which looks awesome. Plus, with some cameras you can get what’s called sun flares and these can really add to an image. Position yourself so that you are facing the sun and your family/children are between you and the sun.


Tip Number 3. Think of something to make it fun


Think of an activity that they will adore and set it up where there is lovely light e.g. when the sun is starting to set and there’s a beautiful grassy area in the hotel grounds. This could be anything from football, to playing with blocks, a water fight, or an ice cream. Anything that they will enjoy and will mean that you’re capturing genuine emotions and authentic moments with them playing and having fun.


Tip Number 4. When photographing indoors try and photograph near a window


I often set up a game where I’d like to take photos, so I’d set up the blocks/toy soldiers/dinosaurs on the window ledge and then photograph my boys playing with them. You’ll have the most light by a window and it means the camera can expose for the brightest part of the image (your children/family) and the distractions around (e.g. the messy holiday room) become much darker.


Tip Number 5. Get in on the action


Some of my favourite images from holiday are from when I was right in the action. Whether that was running around with my sons, or splashing about in the sea. These images capture a moment and such fun memories. There are quite a few cameras available now that are waterproof, or have a waterproof casing. But I do love the Go Pro. It’s small enough to pop into any pocket, really durable, waterproof and has several modes. My favourites being photo, film and burst which means the camera takes a series of photos straight after one another.


Tip Number 6. Get in the photos


I remember my mum didn’t ever like photos taken of her on holiday, she’d shy away from the camera preferring to be taking the photos rather than in them. But the rare photos we have of her on holiday are without a doubt my favourite simply because I can see her. I don’t see any of the flaws that made her avoid having photos taken, I only see my mother and her beautiful smile as we all spent time together. So my biggest tip to all parents is to get in the photos. Prompt your other half to capture photos of you through the day. Even the quiet moments when you’re just having a cuddle after a long day, these are the photos your children will cherish.

If you’d like to book a photoshoot for your little one, head to Little White Photography’s Website.