TIP OF THE MONTH #2 – Say I Love You

February 7, 2017Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Every month we offer our readers a tip, some months it’s something new to try and others it’s more general parenting advice. We want you to know that we are here for you through the rough and the smooth of being a parent. Whether you’re a new parent or have a tiny toddler at your feet this month’s advice is for you…

Tip Of The Month – Say ‘ I Love You’ Everyday.

It’s the month of Valentines Day, and here at My 1st Years, we’re feeling the love! That is why this month our tip is about telling your little one how much you love them, every single day. As much as some days our children are little terrors, we will always love them unconditionally and we should let them know. Those three special words can mean so much and have inspired thousands of songs – yet some days our lives are so busy we forget to say them out loud. Although saying it is important showing it is important too, we’ve added our three cute and simple ways to show your tots you love them without even saying it.

Leave a note

leave-a-noteSurprising your child with a cute note in their lunch box is always a lovely way to show them just how much you care. If simply writing ‘I love you’ would turn your little one’s face beetroot red and get them all embarrassed simply add ‘ Have a great Day’ or ‘You’re Awesome’ that way they’ll know you’re thinking of them without their friends making fun! Or pop a little post-it note under their pillow, in their clothes drawer or in their latest book for a cute surprise.

Have Silly Time

When we’re so busy trying to get them bathed, fed and in bed we often forget to have fun with our children! They don’t stay little for long so we should make the most of those infectious little giggles and playful imaginations by having some silly time together. Whether it’s playing a make believe game or just having a face-off by seeing who can pull the most ridiculously funny face it’s a great way to bond with your little bundle as well as show them how much you love them.

Praise The Little Things

We always remember to praise our kids for great test results, tidying their rooms and sharing a toy with their younger brother but sometimes it’s important to praise them for the smaller good behaviour too. Maybe they said please when they asked for their cereal or they put their school uniform on without being asked 20 times, try and praise them for these little moments to how them just how much you appreciate them.

But, above everything always remember to tell them you love them every day, maybe it’s the first thing you say in the morning or the last thing at night but saying ‘I love you’ every day will always make your child feel happy and special.

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