Thoughts every parent has over the summer holidays

July 25, 2017Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

The summer holidays have arrived and for parents this can come with a real mix of emotions. Whether you can’t wait to spend 6 whole weeks playing in the garden with the little ones or you break out in a sweat at the idea of trying to juggle childcare and things to do, the summer holidays are always a interesting time for Mum and Dad. However you feel about the holidays we garuntee you will have these thoughts…

The summer holiday’s begin


“Yay! The holidays are here, 6-weeks spending time with my beautiful children and no school run! What could be better?”


“It’s 10am and we’re still wearing our PJs … This is the life!”


“Aww, I love watching them play together – I miss so much of this when they’re at school.”



End of Week One


“Oh my god! Five more weeks of this? I just want five minutes peace.”


“Monopoly is the longest game ever with a 5 year old.”


“Is it too late to book summer camp?”


Week Two


“Have my children always been this annoying? How do their teachers cope?”


“Does bribing them with ice cream every day make me a bad parent?”


“I’ve been to the play park 4 times this week! I must think of something fun to do next week!”



Week Three


“Yay beach! This will be so much fun!”


“Ahh sandcastles, this reminds me of being a child – finally the kids are being quiet again!”


“Argh why is there sand in our lunch? Will eating sand make the kids sick?”


“Ok, we are never going to the beach again, there is sand in my bed? How did that even happen?”


beach summer holidays

Week Four


“Road trip! Snacks are packed, iPads are charged – this will be a breeze!”

“If I hear ‘I need a wee’ or ‘are we there yet?’ one more time – I actually think I’ll cry…”

“Finally we have arrived at the theme park! I love seeing the kids this excited!”

“An hour wait for a ride? Great! An hour in a queue full of winey children to sit on a caterpillar I could run faster than!”

“£90 on lunch?!! I think I might need to re-mortgage the house for this.”

“I hope they sleep on the way home!”


Week Five


“I can’t wait for September – am I a bad parent?”

“I wonder if Grandma will babysit this weekend?”

“Yes! A child-free weekend, hello wine my old friend!”

“I miss them!”


Week Six


“Play date with old friends we don’t really like? check.”

“Playdate with cousins? check.”

“A full day of screen time? check!”

“New uniform? check!”

“New bag? Check!”

“I’ve got this!”

Night before school


“Oh god please say they didn’t have homework!”

“Of course they did!”

“A scrapbook of the summer holidays?”

* spends full night doing two scrapbooks*


First day of school



“Aww, they look so grown up”

* posts 30 photos to Facebook *

“I miss them, how long until October?”