Thought Your Cravings Were Strange?

January 19, 2016Food & Drink, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

We’ve all heard of some strange pregnancy cravings, from raw fish skins and potato sandwiches to bagels dipped in ketchup and uncooked onions (delish!) – but although they’ve been observed in expectant mums for decades, the jury is still out on what causes our unusual yearnings. While some have guessed that they are a woman’s body’s way of telling them they need more of a certain nutritional element, others have refuted this by pointing to the lack of scientific studies and the huge disparity between women and their various food wants.

So while this debate rages on, we’ve taken a look at some of the more bizarre pregnancy cravings, caused by a desire to consume non-food items – a condition known as Pica. Affecting between 25%-30% of pregnant women, the name comes from the Latin word for magpie – a bird which is well known for its indiscriminate attitude when it comes to munching down on a meal…

Pica cravings
Did you fancy any of these when you were pregnant?

For centuries, women around the world have reported craving chalk, coal, and even cigarette ashes when pregnant – the reasons for which are completely unknown :/ Some have reported a lack of iron as the most likely cause, though you won’t find much of this in furniture polish, which one mum from Birmingham recently reported drinking when she was pregnant. Yeesh. Davina McCall said she craved sponges whilst pregnant, while Britney Spears apparently yearned for soil when carrying her son Jayden.

Although some of these cravings, such as toothpaste and toilet paper (unused) won’t necessarily have any long lasting side effects, others like paint and petrol should definitely be avoided. Despite their apparently alluring tastes, the most extreme inedible items can cause bowel blockages, premature births and even death, so it’s best to consult a doctor if you find yourself raising the petrol pump to your mouth once you’ve finished filling up the tank. Experts say a good healthy breakfast can also reduce cravings by up to 50%, whilst helping you avoid coming up with excuses for those daily charcoal deliveries to your house…

Did you have any peculiar cravings when you were pregnant?