THIS MUM CAN | Celebrating International Women’s Day

March 6, 2020Celebrate with us, Celebrity, Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Uncategorised

Here at My 1st Years we are passionate about empowering women, in particular Mother’s and young girls. Without women we wouldn’t be where we are today: our team is made up of 82% women and our customers are 90% female, so we owe a lot to girl power! That is why we have launched #ThisMumCan this International Women’s Day!

Why This Mum Can?

Many of you tell us that one of the hardest parts of a becoming a Mother is losing your sense of identity. You are constantly told to prepare for the lack of sleep, the persistent worrying and how it might affect your body, but we’re not told about how we might have a shift in our identities. On top of this, once your child arrives you are catapulted into a world of opinions and rules about what mums can’t/shouldn’t be doing. These two things combined can make women feel like they have lost their old selves and are nothing more than just Mummy.

Here at My 1st Years we disagree, we believe there is so much more to mothers than Mum life! Whether they’re working hard to create a better life for their families or still continuing to be a great friend despite the busyness of motherhood, every woman is unique and can have other passions while being a great parent. That is why we asked a selection of our favourite Mamas to tell us their #ThisMumCan to prove that Mums can be both independent and fabulous!

See what our favourite Mums have to say…














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