The personalised Christmas gifts to shop now, according to My 1st Years staff

December 9, 2020Celebrate with us, Gift Inspiration, Gifts, Meet The Team

‘Tis the season for giving, but how do you find the perfect gift? This year, it really is the thought that counts and at My 1st Years, we know just how much a personalised gift can mean. Our team members are here to share what they’re shopping for their own little ones and hopefully inspire you to find the right present for yours this Christmas. 

Chris, Videographer & Photographer. 

AKA, Dad to Holly. 

“Holly has already begun to outgrow her last bag, so we need a bigger one and I think she would love this owl backpack. Her imaginative play is developing each day, and she loves to have her own ‘cup of tea’ so she will love to find this tea set under the tree.” 

Frankie, Junior Buyer

AKA, Auntie to Louisa

“I am treating Louisa to this wooden woodland animals puzzle because she does puzzles with her Great Grandad! I thought it would be a nice thing for them to do together when they’re reunited on Christmas Day after months apart. I also picked this cradle because Louisa will become a big sister in the new year and it will hopefully give her some practice that she will enjoy!” 

“This gift set is perfect for Louisa because she goes to baby ballet and will love to take her doll with her to class. It’s nice to include a book too rather than just a toy!”

Vithyah, Ecommerce Executive

AKA, Auntie to Leo

“Having clean, safe and beautifully personalised gifts for your loved little ones gives that extra dose of specialness. It makes gift-giving so much more fun for aunties like me.” 

Sarah, Marketing Director

AKA, Mummy to Lola

“This will be Lola’s first doll – perfect to play with whilst watching the nutcracker on the TV, which is a family tradition I’d love for her to enjoy watching as she grows up. This bag is actually perfect for fitting all of Lola’s bits and bobs in for when she is at nursery, with her name on the front she can hang it on her hook. It will also be great for when we go and feed the ducks to store all of her snacks and hats and mittens.  

“Although she’s still quite little, Lola already loves to role play and she will have a lot of fun pressing the buttons and using the little card. It’s great that it is wooden as so often these types of toys are plastic and I always prefer to buy wooden toys for Lola.”

Hannah, Ecommerce Trading Coordinator

AKA, Mummy to Max

“These are such timeless pyjamas (and super cute too) so hopefully Max won’t look back on Christmas photos thinking ‘Mum, what am I wearing??” And, although it’s not Max’s 1st Christmas, we didn’t do much for him last year since he was so tiny and fresh! I’m getting this gift set that includes the Christmas Eve box  to start a new tradition with him.

“Max actually received this penguin robe for Christmas last year and I loved it so much that I want a new one in a bigger size for this year!” 

“Finally, the noisiest toys are Max’s favourites so I know he’ll love this xylophone. I really like how this elephant version is propped up off the floor, it’s the perfect height for him to let out his inner musician.”

However you’re celebrating this Christmas, a personalised gift can send a special message of love to someone you miss. Tag us @My1stYears or #My1stYears on Instagram to show us how you’re adding a personal touch to your celebrations this year.