The Brilliant Facts About Young Ones Reading

September 7, 2015Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

Today we’re celebrating Buy A Book Day, a fairly recent addition to the somewhat-official days of the year calendar, but one which is no less important in its meaning. In this day and age it seems like little ones are increasingly drawn to the lit-up screens on our phones and tablet, but it’s important not to neglect the old fashioned printed word  – it’s an important part of their development, and HERE’S WHY:

1. A Bonding Experience
After a fun yet no-doubt-exhausting day full of baking, bike riding and bouncing, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with their favourite book and spending an hour together turning the pages. Not only will the melodic sound of your voice help keep them calm, but as they grow older they’ll start using their imagination to conjure up the images of the story in their mind. And in the meantime, there are plenty of pictures for you and them to look at too.

2. Infant Skills

Our Personalised Colour In & Activity Book will help them develop all manner of skills, from reading to colouring in the lines.

Reading, speaking, studying, listening – the skills little ones learn when sitting with you and a book are invaluable, and form an integral part of their pre-school learning that continues throughout their education. An amazing thing about books is that you can chart their reading progress day by day, especially as they move from unstructured jibber-jabber to fully formed words and sentences, either with you sitting by them or on their own in their bedrooms….under the covers…at night…with a torch…when they should be sleeping!

3. A Well Rounded Noggin

Just to delve even deeper into the rabbit hole…the wonderful art of reading will equip your little ‘un with impressive logical thinking, enhance their cognitive development and even improve their concentration and discipline, readying them for a lifetime of school, work and raising kids of their own. Studies have long shown that children who learn to read before starting school fare much better than those who don’t, making it all the more important to get them up to speed on Where the Wild Things Are as soon as possible.

We daresay they’ll be as upset as this little fellow when reading time comes to an end:

What do you enjoy most about reading with your little one? Let us know in the comments below, and check out our full range of personalised books here.