The best type of scooters for toddlers and bigger kids

November 10, 2022Gift Guides, Information, Parenting

As little ones head off to nursery or school, they’ll be excited to start exploring their independence. Scooters are fantastic for helping get them comfortable exploring the world in a safe and fun way.

What’s more, these stylish rides help tots develop their balance and coordination whilst incorporating more exercise into their daily routine. And let’s be honest, what’s one easy way to make a trip to the park even more enjoyable? A scooter!

To help you on your scooter-buying journey, we’ve gathered our best advice on what to look out for when choosing a scooter and what options are best for each age group. Let’s roll!

What can my baby use before they’re ready for a scooter?

Scooters, while child-friendly, aren’t appropriate for all ages. Ride-ons are a fantastic alternative for growing babies who aren’t quite steady on their feet yet.

Ride-ons are low to the ground so children can push themselves along with their feet, offering adventurous babies and smaller toddlers a safe alternative to a scooter or tricycle. Designed with handlebars or steering wheels for tots to grab for support and four large wheels for increased balance, ride-ons are incredibly stable and super fun!

How do I know when my toddler is ready for a scooter?

As with any milestone, the age at which your child will be ready for a scooter depends on their development. Generally, a tot is ready to rock and roll on a scooter once they’re confident walking.

What to look out for

Your child’s safety always comes first, especially when shopping for their first set of wheels. Here are some essential features to look out for.

  • Wheels: Scooters traditionally have two wheels, but scooters designed for toddlers have an extra wheel at the front to provide a little extra stability. These wheels should be large and sturdy enough to help them maintain their balance as they zoom along.
  • Handles: Adjustable handlebars allow you to change the height of the bar as your child grows. Ideally, the handlebar should feature grippy rubber pads as a safety precaution.
  • Folding mechanism: Not all scooters fold, but those that do are a blessing. You’ll be grateful you sought out a foldable scooter when it comes time to pack it into the car or store it in the hallway.
  • Brakes: Scooter brakes work a little differently from those on trikes or bikes. You can find a scooter’s brake just above its back wheel, letting kids press down with one foot to bring the ride to a smooth stop. As little kids are unlikely to reach high speeds, they can usually stop their scooters with their feet, but they’ll benefit from having the stamp break as they grow older and more adventurous.
  • Non-slip pad: Keep your tot upright by making sure the scooter’s deck has a non-slip foot pad.
  • Helmet: Lastly, any scooter purchase should be complete with a strong helmet with an adjustable chin strap. It’s essential your child wears their stylish and protective helmet anytime they head out on a ride.

What should I do when my toddler grows out of their scooter?

Once your child has grown out of their scooter, they’ll likely start looking for a new thrill. Two-wheel scooters offer all the joy of three-wheel scooters, but older children will enjoy the added challenge of developing their balance.

Bicycles also make a fantastic upgrade for bigger children that are too old for scooters or tricycles. Children’s bikes should come with stabilisers, which you can remove once they’re able to keep their balance.

Whether you’re shopping for your child’s first scooter or a classic bicycle, always make sure they wear a helmet when out and about. Plus, safety features, including easy-to-use breaks and grippy handles, are a must to keep them safe while having fun!

Are you ready to roll?

Now that you’re ready to pick the perfect scooter for your toddler, there’s only one thing left to do — personalise it!

At My 1st Years, we believe personalisation is a fantastic and playful way to encourage a tot’s sense of independence. You can add a little one’s name to any wooden ride-on, sleek three-wheel scooter or first bicycle from our extensive range with our personalisation service to give them the sweetest ride in town.