The best keepsake gifts for new parents (and babies!)

January 12, 2021Celebrate with us, Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Gifts

If you’re looking for something to celebrate the arrival of a new baby in your life, we have rounded up the very best gifts that their parents are sure to love. For new parents, these first few months with their baby are a dizzying time, filled with sleepless nights and strange schedules. Help them to remember this precious period of life with a special keepsake gift to commemorate their new arrival. At My 1st Years, we think that the best gift is a personalised gift (ok, maybe we’re a little biased…) Find inspiration for your special little someone from our top picks of the cutest keepsakes that will be treasured throughout their 1st years and beyond.  

If you’re looking for a gift for a new mum, you can never go wrong with a piece of jewellery. Crafted from sterling silver or plated with yellow or rose gold, a personalised necklace is the ultimate way to show your love for both mum and baby. Personalise the pendant with a unique message and add baby’s birthstone for a special gift that will be treasured for years to come. 

Is there anything more delicious than a photo of a brand new baby? There is nothing new parents love more than photographing their little bundle of joy and tracking their growth and progress from week to week. Keep all of these memories safe in one place with a traditional choice for gifting, a baby record book. This includes helpful prompts to keep track of a new baby’s development, which parents will have a lot of fun looking back on when their little one stops being quite so little! 

As weird as it may be to think when they’re still so little, baby’s 1st year will be filled with milestones that parents will want to remember forever. When a little one takes their first steps, they’re not just learning to walk, they are learning to master their own bodies and to move themselves forward, both figuratively and literally. Whether they brave those first steps outside or within the comfort of their own home, a pair of brand new shoes will keep their little feet safe and sound – trust us, soon you won’t believe that their feet were ever that tiny! 

During baby’s 1st year, there will be many small things that will hold a lot of significance for new parents. When we say small, we mean it quite literally, think: hospital bracelets, their first pair of socks etc). To keep all of these bits and bobs safe in one place, personalise a special keepsake box with the name of a new baby. Here, the memories of their early life can be preserved until they are old enough to learn all about what they were like as a baby!

If the new year has brought you a new baby, we want to wish you a huge congratulations! Share your pictures of your own top gifting picks with us on Instagram @My1stYears using #My1stYears so we can celebrate with you. 

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