Terrific things to do with toddlers this Halloween

October 23, 2021Inspiration, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do

On the final day of October comes the time to celebrate all things spooky. Now that Halloween’s just a week away, it’s time to deck the house out with decorations, visit your local pumpkin patch and stock up on all things sweet and sugary. This may be the first year that your toddler truly wants to get involved in the fun and we certainly aren’t going to stop them! 

Keep reading for our fun list of things to do with a toddler this Halloween. 

Pumpkins Galore

Now that pumpkin patches have sprouted up all across the country, hopefully there’s a relatively local one to your house. Invite a friend or family member and head down to the nearest patch for a fun activity that can last as long or little as you want. Little ones will love picking out the heaviest pumpkin they can possibly find which will probably weigh down your car by a stone or two. Once you’re home, carving a face or character into your new addition can be a great way to spend an afternoon. Scooping out the pumpkin guts is the perfect combo of cool and gross to get in the Halloween-y spirit. Do a quick google search of whatever you want to carve and you can start work on your vegetable art. Make sure that your little one sketches onto the skin with a pencil, before lending them a helping hand with the knife-cutting – as fit as blood is on Halloween, no accidents please. Once you’ve finished, watch the dancing candlelight illuminate your splendid creation for a great accessory to a cosy autumn night in front of a family Halloween film. Treat a little pumpkin to a ‘My 1st Halloween’ bodysuit to celebrate the first Halloween that they will truly enjoy while they get cosy watching the TV. 

Bake up some ghastly goodies

To get the kids really excited, why not get your hands a little dirty in the kitchen with some spine-chilling baked goods! For baked treats, orange extract will add some colour or use strawberry sauce for a bloody effect to really spook up your cakes. Use raisins or chocolate chips to make fly cookies and food colouring in your icing to decorate your ghoul cakes (fairy cakes deffo aren’t scary enough). Watch your children’s faces light up as they bite into your delicious but ghastly goods. This is easy, innocent fun and the terrific treats can be used as treats to give away in your snack bowl or for you and your family to enjoy. 

Dress up for the day! 

Halloween tends to be the most acceptable time of year for little ones to consume as much sugar as they please as they dress up in all sorts of adorable outfits. The whole point of Halloween is to choose a great outfit that they can show their friends photos of when they grow up. For easy dress-up, style a little one up in a dreamy dressing gown, perfect for making their Halloween night super snuggly. They can be a roaring lion for the day with a lion fleece robe, or a dangerous dinosaur in a dinosaur dressing gown. Make Halloween extra magical and less scary with an adorable unicorn dressing gown or they could even become their favourite character to trick or treat in with Dumbo or Winnie the Pooh dressing gowns. The choices are endless really and no matter what you pick, we’re sure that your tiny toddler will look adorable (and scary of course) in whichever outfit they wear. 

Trick or Treat

This Halloween, take your little one on their first trick or treating experience – we promise they’ll love it. This tradition of going door to door in scary attire dates back to the 1700s in Britain, where people celebrated the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, by lighting bonfires and wearing costumes to ward off ghosts. Not quite the same as these days, but we see the similarities. A simple tour of the neighbourhood, in the dark, in a crazy costume is sure to excite little ones. It can be a great way for them to get to know the neighbours, discover their new favourite candies and teach them good habits as they are ‘treated’ by the friendly neighbours next door. With any luck, all of the traipsing around will tire out your little one for a good night’s sleep that evening. Remind a toddler how cute they are by gifting them a ‘cutest little pumpkin’ card to make their Halloween even more special. 

As much as you’re looking forward to Halloween, we’re sure your toddler is too! Hopefully we’ve inspired you with some fun-filled activities to do both in preparation for and on the day of Halloween itself. Let us know what you get up to this Halloween by tagging us on Instagram with #My1stYears. We can’t wait to see how you spend the spooky day. 

With love, 

My 1st Years x