• Printable activity: Can you solve the maze?

    August 13, 2020Things To Do

    As the summer holidays continue, are you running out of ways to keep your little one busy? If you need a quiet moment to yourself, try a classic maze activity to keep your kids busy for a bit. Take your little ones’ imaginations on a trip as they help Dolly and Teddy find their way to their destinations.

    All you need is a printer, a pen and a hard surface for your little one to lean …


  • Bring our Furry Friends to life with Origami

    July 21, 2020Things To Do

    For a craft that is free from mess and guaranteed to impress, Origami is the way to go. All you need is some paper and one of our straightforward tutorials! 

    What is Origami?

    Originating in Japan, Origami is the art of folding paper (‘Ori’ means ‘folding’ and kami means ‘paper’), but the term is commonly used to include all examples of paper folding crafts. The aim of the game is to take an ordinary piece of paper …


  • Stay at Home with this Printable Bingo Sheet

    July 2, 2020How to, Lifestyle, Real life, Things To Do

    Welcome to week 1000 of lockdown, let’s liven it up with a game of Bingo. This week, we’ve designed this special sheet to make staying at home a little more fun. Whether you’re stuck for inspiration of what to do or looking for a moment’s peace for that first sip of coffee, play lockdown bingo to make this week more manageable.

    Download your Bingo Sheet hereDownload

    Keep reading to find out what we’ve included in our ‘Stay …


  • Stay at Home with this Printable Wordsearch Activity

    June 24, 2020How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do

    Every week, we’re bringing you a new printable activity to help entertain your kids during lockdown.This week, we’ve made a wonderful wordsearch, designed to distract your little ones and give yourself some peace – even if it’s only for 15 minutes. 

    All you need is a printer, a pen and a little concentration to find the words we’ve hidden in this fun printable. 

    Click to download the WordsearchDownload

    With love,

    My 1st Years x


  • 4 Creative ideas to reuse your My 1st Years Box

    May 29, 2020Advice, How to, Things To Do

    As we get further into lockdown, we are always looking for new ways to have fun with what we have at home. If your little ones have ever received a gift from us, you probably have one of our classic blue gift boxes lying around. With a little imagination and a dash of creativity, your box can be so much more. Try one of these fun ideas below to make the most of your My …


  • Printable Activity Dice to keep kids happy at home

    May 5, 2020Lifestyle, Parenting, Real life, Things To Do

    If you’re having trouble thinking up new ideas to entertain your little ones, we’ve got you covered. To keep your kids busy during lockdown, we’ve designed these easy-to-use activity dice. These dice can be printed, coloured in and stuck together to provide hours of fun at home.

    To use, simply:

    Print off the dice on A4 paper.
    Cut out around the outline of the template.
    Colour in the squares in your favourite colours. 
    Fold along each line and glue the …