Stay at Home with this Printable Bingo Sheet

July 2, 2020How to, Lifestyle, Real life, Things To Do

Welcome to week 1000 of lockdown, let’s liven it up with a game of Bingo. This week, we’ve designed this special sheet to make staying at home a little more fun. Whether you’re stuck for inspiration of what to do or looking for a moment’s peace for that first sip of coffee, play lockdown bingo to make this week more manageable.

Keep reading to find out what we’ve included in our ‘Stay Home’ Bingo sheet. (and some hints to help you complete them all!) 

1. Bake a yummy cake

You’ve already made enough banana bread – check out this list for the recipes we can’t stop making. 

2. Go for a daily walk

Follow our 4 steps to turn it into an adventure.

Do Joe Wicks’ P.E. class

Or check out one of our favourite workouts, available on YouTube.

4. Put a rainbow in your window

Download our printable window posters to send a message of thanks and support to all 

5. Have a dance party

Stick on your little ones’ favourite song and shake it out!

6. Watch a movie

Is there an easier way to keep your kids quiet for 90 minutes?

7. Build a fort

Look out for our top tips, coming soon to the blog!

8. Read a book

Read their very own personalised storybook or choose from this list of diverse stories to help your little one grow up to be an anti-racism advocate.

9. Draw or paint a picture

Find inspiration in the world around you: from a pretty flower to their favourite toy, you might discover the next Monet!

10. Have a picnic at home

You don’t need to leave the house to enjoy our favourite summer pastime, whatever the weather! 

11. Make your own playdough

It’s not as difficult as it sounds, we promise. Click here for step-by-step instructions (complete with video tutorials!)

12. Try a new food

Now is the time to practice a new recipe and broaden their little palettes. 

13. Tell your parents you love them

With all this time spent together, the small moments can mean the most. 

14. Send a letter to a friend

Even if they’re still too little to actually write it, send a sweet note to your toddler’s best friend to let them know just how much they’re missed.

15. Sing a song

Or whistle a happy tune – we promise it will cheer you up!

16. Hold a tea party

Round up their favourite toys and dolls and sit everyone down for a cuppa with this sweet personalised toy tea set

17. Video chat with your family

Or invite them into your back garden! Seeing your family members’ faces is guaranteed to put you in a good mood. 

18. Organise a virtual playdate

While social distancing remains in place, we’ve got some great ideas to help your little ones stay in touch through lockdown.

19. Sing a nursery rhyme

This can also be a playful way to teach your little ones how to properly wash their hands (20 seconds!)

20. Take an online museum tour

See where your computer can take you!

21. Make a new craft

Looking for easy printable activities? We’ve got lots of those

22. Take a family photo

Put it in a cute frame – bonus points if you can get everyone to look at the camera at the same time!

23. Learn all of the colours of the rainbow (in order!)

And no, it’s not ‘red and yellow and pink and blue…’ 

24. Name 5 animals

Psssst… Have you seen our adorable animal collections, including soft toys, robesstorage bags, backpacks and more?

Print off this Bingo Sheet and try it next time you’re stuck for at-home inspiration. Tag us on Instagram @My1stYears to show us how you get on!

With love,

My 1st Years x