Our Favourite Spring-Inspired Baby Names

February 28, 2020Advice, Celebrate with us, Celebrations, Gift Inspiration, Information, Lifestyle, Parenting

Our favourite spring themed baby names for your new little bud!

Spring: the sun is rising earlier, the trees are blossoming and every field is filled with lambs frolicking in the grass. If the new season is bringing a baby into your life, we’ve rounded up our favourite spring-inspired names to help you choose the right one for your little spark of joy. 



Find divine inspiration in the ancient world for a seasonal name that will never go out of fashion. Taken from Roman mythology, Flora was the goddess of springtime who ruled over flowers and fruits. If you’re looking for something a little less obvious, try Florence, from the Latin word for blossoming, and pay homage to the many women who have made it famous. Personalise our floral print organic sleepsuit for the perfect gift for your little bud. 



For a name that brings together spring themes of newness and light, consider XavierA name of Arabic and Basque origin, Xavier means both ‘new house’ and ‘bright’, making it a poetic choice to welcome a new-season baby into your home. Wrap up your little one in our personalised white hooded towel to keep them safe and warm in their 1st years. 



For a spring-themed name with mystical origins, consider Anastasia. Made famous by the legend of young Anastasia Romanov’s survival of the Russian Revolution, the name Anastasia derives from the Greek anástasis, which means ‘resurrection’. This name reflects the symbolic rebirth of nature at the end of winter, a lyrical choice for a baby born in spring. Personalise our new pink bunny towelling robe for a seasonal gift that will carry them through summer and beyond. 



This spring, honour the season with a name that pays homage to the natural world. Heath, a name of English origin, refers to the wild, open landscapes that dominate Britain’s moorlands. These rugged areas are typically dotted with evergreen flowering plants such as hard-wearing heathers and pine trees for the promise of spring year-round. Honour your little Heath with our new organic transport print bear soft toy, which can be personalised with a name, date of birth and weight. 



A consistently popular name across the globe, Chloe might not seem like the obvious choice for a spring-themed name, but it should be. Taken from Greek, Chloe means ‘young green shoot’, ideal for baby girls entering the world just as new seedlings are coming to life. Help yours to rest and grow with our white bunny comforter, personalised with their name for a lifelong keepsake. 



For a name that captures the hope and excitement of both spring and your own bundle of joy, consider Naveen. With its origins in Hindi and the ancient literary language Sanskrit, Naveen means ‘new’: a new season, a new life and a new chapter for your family, this is a lyrical name choice to celebrate your baby. Personalise our grey bunny soft toy with their name for a gift they will treasure for years to come.