Spend less this summer with our downloadable activity pack

July 11, 2017Lifestyle, Things To Do, Uncategorised

The summer holiday’s are fast approaching and although we all love spending time with our little ones the financial burden of 6 weeks of entertainment can be a worry. According to the Post Office’s annual money report, UK parents are set to spend an extra £468 per family this summer and this almost doubles for London parents who’re estimated to spend an extra £870 on family activities. 40% of parents say this outlay will be mostly spent on visiting attractions and 28% say it’s spent on additional treats while out and about.

With over half of the parent’s questioned saying that they are worried about covering the cost of the summer holidays, we’ve decided to ease the pressure with some free activitity ideas for the summer. We’ve also created a super-fun activity pack filled with summer-themed colouring pages, spot the difference pages, mazes and much much more. Simply print our activity pack at home and let your little ones have fun colouring in all summer.




 And none of them include sitting on an iPad! 

1. Picnic in the garden

Whatever your lunch plans are take them outside this summer. Throw down a blanket, bring along some teddies and have a little picnic in the comfort of your own back garden! The sun not shining? Don’t worry, take your picnic to the living room floor instead.

2. Go on an Adventure

Whether you head to your nearest woods or play park, turn your afternoon walk into an adventure. Pretend there is a bear chasing you and hide for safety behind the trees or be explorers and find interesting nature that you can later turn into a collage, walks don’t have to be boring when you turn them into an adventure!

3. At Home Cinema

For rainy days why not have a movie marathon from on your sofa? Make some delicious popcorn together, let tiny tots make their very own movie theatre tickets and then show you to your seat before putting their favourite films on and snuggling together on the sofa. This is a great activity for pregnant mummies who are too hot and tired for running around in the sun!

4. Play Dates

Inviting over your child’s BFF is the easiest way to entertain kids over the holidays! They’ll love playing with toys and bouncing imaginative ideas off one another. Let them make their own pizzas for lunch as an extra way to keep them quiet … we mean busy! Also, usually their friend’s mum will repay you the child-minding favour another time!

5. Recycled Creatives

Take a look through your recycling bin for any cardboard boxes, cartons or cans and get creative. Maybe you’ll build a castle or maybe a magical unicorn? Whatever you make this is a great way to see your little one’s imaginations flourish as well as make use of your rubbish! Add some paint and you have a busy afternoon ahead.