How to Throw the Best (and Stress Free) Sleepover

August 7, 2017How to, Lifestyle, Parenting, Things To Do, Uncategorised

No summer holiday is complete without a sleepover with friends or cousins, that is why we have created this simple guide to throwing a fun and stress-free sleepover. Although children love sleepovers it can be a stressful experience for parents. Combining a mixture of over excited little ones, homesick feelings and the occasional argument over whose turn is next, a slumber party can be a stressful experience. But fear not, follow our simple steps and the kids will have fun and you might even get some sleep!


Limit the sugary snacks

Little one’s will likely beg for a pack of Harribo to share with their friends or to be allowed the treat of a fizzy drink, but we advise limiting the sugary snacks at a sleepover. Kids try and avoid sleep for as long as they can at a overnight party, so team this with a few cakes, sweets and fizzy drinks and you’re left with a mini army of hyperactive tots. We suggest snacks like popcorn, veggies and dip and a fruit salad for tasty treats.

Tire them out

If you don’t want a handful for 5-year-olds up at 5am we suggest planning some pre-bedtime activities to exhaust them!  Maybe a sports day in the garden, some simple arts and crafts or decorating cakes – the children will think you’re super fun and they’ll be sleepy come lights out.

Ensure that everyone has a soft toy

Whether you ask parents to bring along their child’s favourite cuddly toy or you dish out your kid’s soft toy selection, make sure everyone has someone soft and snuggly to cuddle up to. This will be comforting for tots who miss home.

Matching PJs

For a real treat why not buy the attendee/attendees matching pyjamas. They’ll love twinning together and it will be a lovely treat that they’ll remember. For an even better treat, purchase a personalised set from our site!

Follow these simple steps and your kids will have so much fun and you might even get some sleep…