Seasonal names for your summer baby

June 24, 2021Uncategorised

The season of summer evokes images of sunshine, warmth, holidays and beaches. Gazing up at the sunny sky, while dipping your toes into the warm, blue ocean sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? It may be difficult to narrow down the perfect name for a baby born during the warmer months, but a summer name could be the answer you need. These unique summer baby girl and boy name suggestions will hopefully help you find the one you’ve been looking for.   

With Scottish and Spanish roots, Isla has derived from the Spanish translation for the word Island and the River Isla in East Scotland. This lyrical name is reminiscent of summer escapes to a sunny island, listening to the sound of waves lapping at the shore, and would be perfect for a baby born during the season of summer. Isla was Scotland’s most popular baby girls name of 2020, showing that it’s not just at the top of our list!  

With German and Latin origin, Leo is short for Germanic baby boy names Leon or Leopold and translates to ‘lion’ in Latin. This strong moniker is the astrological star sign for babies born from July 23rd to August 22nd – making it an ideal name for a little one born during these dates. Leo is a bold yet friendly name that was common during the Roman times, but has more recently gained popularity thanks to actor Leonardo DiCaprio. 

For a name that is a wonderful summer-inspired name for baby boys, consider Arun. With origins in Hindi and the ancient literary language Sanskrit, Arun means ‘sun’: promising longer, warmer and brighter days ahead. With your new arrival sure to brighten up your days, this seems like the ideal name for a sweet baby boy? Short and simple, this is a lyrical name choice to celebrate your little one being born during the sunny season. 

This upbeat seasonal name can’t help but make everyone smile. Cheery and bright, the English moniker Sunny means exactly what it sounds like and is an ideal unisex option for a little bundle of sunshine. Meaning ‘like the sun and cheerful’, the name gives off a happy, bright feel inspired by summer. The spelling could be changed to Sonny for a boy if desired, but the classic Sunny spelling works well for both boys and girls. 

Pay homage to the natural world with a name that means ‘field of grass or vegetation’, a perfect name for the time of year when crops are in full bloom. This old English baby name evokes images of daisy-dotted, sun-dappled green fields, ripe for running through in the warmer months. Meadow has a peaceful and gentle feel, an ideal name for a little one born during this season of beauty and serenity. 

For a newborn bundle of joy who has parents that love spending time on the beach, consider Dune. Evoking memories of beach holidays, which are now finally on the cards, pay homage to time spent on the sand during the warm, sunny months. The unforgettable feeling of sand between your toes, and the sound of waves lapping on the shore will be brought to life with this summery name. Originally, Dune was seen as a boy’s name, but has recently gained ground as a choice for baby girls. 

The name Cyrus is of Persian origin meaning ‘sun’, and with your new arrival sure to be the sunshine in your days, what better name for a sweet little one? This moniker has regal roots, having been used as a name for many Persian kings and the translation to ‘the light or sun’ makes it an ideal summer name for babies. Being a fairly uncommon name, it’s unlikely that your little one will share the same name as his classmates. 

Ideal for baby girls born during the summer months, Mehri is one to consider. With Persian origins, Mehri has derived from the word ‘Mehr’, which describes someone who is lovable, kind and sunny, perfect for summer-born little ones. A beautifully warm and soft name, Mehri carries a wonderful summertime meaning. Despite the exotic spelling, the pronunciation of this name is like the familiar Mary or Merry.

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