Say Hello To Cecilia

March 22, 2016Gift Inspiration, New Collections, Uncategorised

Heard of Nurture with Nature, the must-see health and wellness site for parents seeking healthy options for their families? We sat down for a chat with the founder, Cecilia, who regularly makes us green with envy with her mouthwatering Instagram feed.

Hi Cecila, why don’t you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m 25, recently married and the founder of Nurture with Nature – an online business I created for conscientious parents. We offer parenting tips, articles, product reviews and recipes under one roof.

What’s your background in health and nutrition?

I studied Childhood Studies (BSc) at Bristol University and have since learnt about nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. I have also worked directly with children in private and school environments for more than 5 years, and my experience has enabled me to realise first hand what does and doesn’t work when it comes to little ones!

Nurture with Nature logo

Tell us about Nurture with Nature…

Nurture with Nature is a product of my two passions – children and healthy living. It is an online destination for parents to access information which helps them make the best possible choices for themselves and their families. It has a journal with parenting advice, tips and tools and a WE LOVE section, with reviews of all our favourite clean, green and ethical brands and products for babies, parents and the home. We also work with schools and nurseries around the country to better improve nutrition standards and food education. It’s all very exciting – I feel as though we are on the brink of real change!

“I’m pregnant, what should I be getting into my diet?”

The myth of eating for two has been dispelled over the past few years, as it really isn’t necessary. That said, your body will be undergoing huge physical and hormonal changes so it is important to stay fully stocked with all the vital vitamins and minerals you need.

It is really important to maintain a balanced diet, with lots of protein, iron, fibre, healthy fats and water! Keeping your immunity up is also crucial to having a healthy pregnancy. Some of the best foods to incorporate into your diet are bananas, broccoli, leafy greens, nuts, eggs and lean meats (if you’re not vegetarian or vegan of course!) Legumes, pulses and soy are all brilliant sources of protein too.

What are your favourite on-the-go healthy snacks?

1. Almonds – my absolute fave!
2. Popcorn – admittedly not as nutritious, but a childhood favourite of mine, so I’m thrilled that so many great new healthy popcorn brands are now readily available in supermarkets!
3. LoveRaw bars – for when I’m craving something sweeter and feeling indulgent!

LoveRaw Bars

And what snacks should I give my children to take to school?

1. Carrot sticks with houmous (made without tahini).
2. Dried fruits (but be careful not to overboard with these as they are rather high in sugar).
3. Homemade savoury muffins (you can hide courgette in these beautifully!)

How would you promote a healthy lifestyle to your children?

Lead by example! There is no point preaching about how to eat if your children see you scoff a chocolate bar every time your husband/wife isn’t looking. It’s all about balance and I think that is so important to teach. Children are the best copycats, so stick to your rules and they will likely follow suit. Also make sure you communicate, so when you are having something naughty, make sure you explain why this situation is different so your children are educated enough to be able to apply similar principles to their lives.

Meal plan

How do you eat healthy when you’re on a budget?

This is a very common question and I have 2 main tips for this. First – eat seasonally and plan your meals based on your local supermarket offers. Deals change all the time, so make the most of it when your favourite organic meat or veg is on offer and build your meals around those ingredients that week.

Second – build in some vegetarian meals. Not every meal has to contain meat or fish (which at high quality can be more expensive), but this is a habit we have become very accustomed to in our culture. Think about making chunky winter veg stews or green veg risottos. Veggie doesn’t have to mean you’re going hungry, its just about having a different perspective.

Finally, how do you prepare for a kids’ party? We all know how much sugar comes included with them…

As I mentioned above, life is all about balance, and so in the case of children’s parties it is fair to assume children will eat more sugar! A good tip to reduce the amount your child eats a party is to make sure they have a big, filling meal just before they go. Another tip might be not to make too much of a fuss about the ‘forbidden fruits’ that will be available to them – that will probably only encourage more of a binge!

(Cecilia also offers healthy alternatives to traditional snacks and treats on her blog – how gorgeous do these doughnuts look?)