Royal Wedding Predictions by Jerramy Fine

May 15, 2018Celebrity, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Written by Expert Jerramy Fine

I’m a firm believer in classic rather than trendy and the little royals have stayed true this. Wool peacoats, smocking, Peter Pan collars, mary janes, dresses with cardigans, shorts with knee-socks….. I love it all. Personally, I wish more adults dressed this way.  (Well, maybe not the knee socks).


Although royal children often look like they have time -travelled from some bygone era and landed in our modern world, I don’t think this is retro way of dressing is going to change any time soon. The British upper classes are sticklers for tradition and this goes for fashion as much as anything else. Although Meghan and Harry are progressive in many ways (and I love them for it), I’m not certain Meghan’s influence is going to make much of a dent when it comes to the mini Windsor wardrobes.

It is highly likely that Harry’s niece and nephew, Princes Charlotte and Prince George, are going to have starring roles in Harry and Meghan’s upcoming wedding.  I foresee an old-fashioned bridesmaid dress with a large pastel sash for Charlotte and the predicable pageboy pantaloons for George. Taffeta of course.


But who knows? Maybe Meghan and Harry will try to shake things up. Instead of meeting dignitaries in a smart bath robe, perhaps their children will wear stylish onesies. Either way, I’m sure My 1st years will be ready.


Jerramy Fine is the author of In Defense of the Princess: How Plastic Tiaras and Fairytale Dreams can inspire Strong, Smart Women.