Reasons to choose a personalised gift this Christmas

December 6, 2017Gift Guides, Gift Inspiration, Lifestyle, Uncategorised

Christmas shopping can be a stressful time, the town centres are filled with people and with so many options available online, it can all be a little stressful. If you want to get a unique gift they’re guaranteed to love, why not go for something personalised? Discover our top reasons to buy a personalised present this Christmas…

Reason to choose a personalised gift #1 – It’s The Thought That Counts


You know the saying ‘it’s the thought that counts’ and a personalised gift really shows how much you care for the recipient, you didn’t just buy them a box of chocolates but took the time to enter their name. Whether you’re gifting a new baby a blanket or your Dad a cufflink set, why not personalise them for an added special touch?

Reason to choose a personalised gift #2 – Treasure Forever

personalised gift

A personalised present won’t be easily forgotten, whether it’s that special first toy with their name or a festive decoration personalised just for them, we’re sure that it’ll be the most treasured keepsake. A personalised gift easily evokes memories of the special time the gift was received, therefore it will become a most treasured keepsake for the recipient for years to come.

Reason to choose a personalised gift #3 – Loved By All

personalised penguin gift

Let’s face it whether you’re gifting a newborn baby or your oldest relative everyone loves to receive a gift with their name on. If you’re gifting a child, the parents will have great joy in seeing the name they chose across a new gift, similarly adults and older children all get excited to see their own name on gifts for themselves. With a huge selection of gifts available to be personalised from jewellery to clothing there really is something for everyone.

Reason to choose a personalised gift #4 – One of a Kind 

personalised chair

With festive gift sets everywhere it is no wonder that many of us receive duplicated gifts. However,  a personalised present is one of a kind, they may receive a number of bracelets or many blankets but very few will have that extra special touch of personalisation.