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Purflo launched its first product in 1997 after being started  by concerned new parents who wanted to create cleaner, safer and healthier sleeping environments for babies. Today, Purflo is still driven by its founding principles of safe sleep. The brands entire range is designed by safe sleep baby product experts. Purflo always goes the extra mile by ensuring its products are made from using hypoallergenic materials, using safe sleep guidelines and extensive consumer research. Purflo believe baby sleep should be safe and sound and that’s why they only develop carefully selected products that parents can trust.

Here at My 1st Years we are excited to be the exclusive destination for PERSONALISED Purflo products including the Sleep Tight Baby Bed, Sleep Tight Baby Bed Cover and Swaddle to Sleep Bags – the perfect gift for a new parent or tired Mummy & Daddy.



The personalised Purflo Sleep Tight Baby Bed is s a safe place for baby to rest and sleep, day and night. Tested to the very latest and most relevant safety standards for a baby’s overnight bed, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is the first of its kind to be certified for unsupervised, overnight sleep from birth to 8 months old. Using a sustainably sourced, firm filling ‘Sorona’ by Dupont and innovative breathable base and panels, The Sleep Tight Baby Bed provides a healthy and safe sleeping environment day and night. You can also find machine washable replacement personalised covers at My 1st Years, perfect for hand-me-downs or for using when the original is in the wash. 



• Sleep easy

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed has been thoroughly tested to relevant standards and has been certified safe for overnight sleeping, eliminating concerns raised by traditional nests and sleep positioners.

• Safe sides

Firm sides are essential for stopping baby from being able to roll out of bed. Ours are made from breathable, sustainably sourced fibre which is strong enough to keep baby safe inside whilst still being soft to touch. The Sorona fibre, designed and patented by Dupont retains its natural shape and structure so doesn’t flatten with age.

• Firm base

The Sleep Tight Baby Bed includes a firm flat base essential for overnight, unsupervised sleep. The base is easily removable and wipe clean.

• Breathability

The bed features a fully breathable mesh base and sides allowing air to safely circulate and to help keep baby at a safe temperature all day and night.

• Portable

Many babies feel more comforted and sleep better when they are surrounded by familiar things. The Sleep Tight Baby Bed is ideal for providing a safe and familiar environment when travelling to grandparent’s houses, hotel rooms and much more.

Every part of the bed can be fully washed including wipe down base.


The Personalised Swaddle to Sleep Bag is a safe alternative to using blankets and loose bedding at sleep time and helps keep baby at a safe temperature all year round. The versatile design of this baby sleep bag gives you the option to swaddle baby or let baby’s arms out – growing with the child from a swaddle to a standard baby sleep bag. The 2.5 tog is perfect for all season use, allowing parents to tailor the garments underneath to suit the temperature. The All Seasons Swaddle to Sleep Bag features the addition of Amicor Pure – a hypoallergenic fibre approved by Allergy UK to aid prevention of asthma and eczema.


  • Swaddle in or out

Swaddling can make babies feel safe and secure. The versatile design gives you the option to swaddle baby or let baby’s arms out making it a standard sleep bag. Poppers are used because they are the safest fastenings to use on baby clothing, eliminating the risk of choking.

  • Breathable panels

This range of swaddle bags feature the signature Purflo breathable mesh panels. These panels provide essential ventilation and increased airflow to keep baby at a regulated and safe temperature. The panels are strategically located to provide maximum comfort to commonly over-heated areas on babies including the torso and lower neck.

  • Hip healthy extendable length

The shape of the Swaddle to Sleep Bag has been designed to allow for healthy hip growth.

  • The trusted safety zip

The YKK zippers are carefully positioned away from baby’s delicate skin and opens from the bottom to make middle of the night nappy changes much easier. There is no need to worry about snags and catching as there is a zip guard around baby’s body and a secure seam around the legs and feet.

  • On the go

Travelling with a sleeping baby easier than ever when the extended length features a travel friendly shape that can be used in a car seat and pushchair. Please ensure arms are out of swaddle when using in travel mode.

  • Size guide The Swaddle to Sleep tailored sleep bag is perfect for that Newborn stage where babies love to feel cuddled and secure. The length of the sleep bag is adaptable making it super snug for new babies and then can transition to allow for kicks and wriggles as they grow.

The Swaddle to Sleep Bag sizing is based on length and weight so please use the guide to determine if this product is suitable for your baby. All babies grow at different rates and we use age as a guide only. This product is recommended for use with babies that are approximately 0 – 4 months old, suitable for weights 6.6–16lbs or 3–7.25kg. The product is designed for babies with a height of 50cm and its extendable length is suitable up to a height of 65cm.

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